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LOCI, RPG, and other acronyms

I was looking for something to watch while waiting for Veronica Mars to come on, and what to my wondering eyes might appear but a Criminal Intent marathon? Best part of it all? The two episodes before VM comes on are "The Third Horseman" and "Crazy": Two of my very very favorites from the first season! Even if I've seen "Crazy" about fifteen times (not exaggeration; and I watch it every time all the way through, too). "The Insider" is another brilliant episode.

Anyway, I'll also be using the time to edit one of my RPG characters' bio. He's my second character for future X-Men movieverse game over on GJ, a Madrox kiddo. There was a bit of confusion over that, so he is now a kiddo of a dupe - the second kiddo of a dupe in the game. Jamies get around, it seems.
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