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Sleep and Music Videos

So, like, this one time at band camp I totally need to go to bed now, since I get up in five hours, but you wouldn't BELIEVE the amount of energy ten hours of Vicodin-enhanced sleep has given me. I'm like, nearly giddy! Vicodin is my god. Even if my mom's so never going to let me have any ever again. Oh well. That one night of going to sleep just after going to bed, getting a full night's sleep, and actually being able to wake up in the morning... priceless.

Oh, and my mom totally got Photoshop Elements. With Premiere Elements. MEANING, no more crappy Windows Movie Maker for music video making! And this is on my laptop, with the first thirteen episodes of Veronica Mars - and nearly every episode of NCIS. 'S like, SWEET YO!

Sleep. Now. Soon, anyway.

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