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As of now, I must reevaluate my feelings on Angel. By this, I mean both shipping and character preference.

First of all, now that Lilah's... kicked it, permanently, and Faith's out of the picture, and Willow is dead unlikely, I introduce a new ship: Wesley/Eve

And you all know that I've never really felt to strongly for Fred. I revise that. And now ship Fred/Knox

New preferences list of Angel characters:

  1. Wesley

  2. Spike

  3. Knox

  4. Eve

  5. Hauser

  6. Angel

  7. Fred

  8. Lorne

  9. Gunn

And a big thank-you to Harmony, comedy relief at it's, erm, worst/best...

Wesley (softly): Spike?
Angel (darkly): Spike.
Harmony (pops head through door): Blondie-Bear?

Fries: ...and the only people left standing will be the dead ones.
Harmony: Oh, good. I mean, bad.

And they NEED to bring back Lindsey. So he can make snippy comments on the fact that Angel now runs the orginization he so harassed Lindsey about. Taste the irony?

By the by, does Angel seem even more, erm, slashable, to you? I mean...
Hauser: You're just a little fairy.
Angel: Hey, I'm not little.

And, damn it, they killed Hauser! He was insane and evil, yes, but who isn't? He was awesome, damnit!

Kay. Right. I'm going now, because I'm ranting.

WAIT! Brain flash. I forgot to mention this earlier. They're now selling Buffy cards at Walmart. Just so as y'know.

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