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L&O Meme

Create your L&O Dream Team from the past and current cast members.

D.A. (Pick one)
Adam Schiff - Steven Hill
Nora Lewin - Dianne Wiest
Arthur Branch - Fred Thompson If push comes to shove. I'd rather pick 'neither', but he doesn't seem like an escapee from an old folks' home (like Schiff), and I don't know Lewin.

E.A.D.A. (Pick one)
Benjamin Stone - Michael Moriarty *hugs* I loooove you and your ethics!
Jack McCoy - Sam Waterston
Liz Donnelly - Judith Light
Tracey Kibre - Bebe Neuwirth

A.D.A.(Pick one)
Paul Robinette - Richard Brooks
Claire Kincade - Jill Hennessy
Jamie Ross - Carey Lowell
Abbie Carmichael - Angie Harmon
Serena Southerlyn - Elisabeth Rohm
Alexandra Borgia - Annie Parisse
Alexandra Cabot - Stephanie March
Casey Novak - Diane Neal
Ron Carver - Courtney B. Vance Duh. Runners up are Robinette, Cabot, and Novak. Because dude! Novak subpoened Rumsfeld!
Kelly Gaffney - Amy Carlson

Squad Leader (Pick one)
Capt. Donald Cragen - Dann Florek
Lt. Anita Van Buren - S. Epatha Merkerson
Capt. James Deakins - Jamey Sheridan Yes, for the eyecandy. STFU, kthxbai.

Detectives (Pick two)
Mike Logan - Chris Noth
Rey Curtis - Benjamin Bratt
Ed Greene - Jesse L. Martin
Max Greevey - George Dzundza
Phil Cerreta - Paul Sorvino
Lennie Briscoe - Jerry Orbach
Joe Fontana - Dennis Farina
Elliot Stabler - Chris Meloni
Olivia Benson - Mariska Hargitay
John Munch - Richard Belzer
Odafin Tutuola - Ice-T
Monique Jefferies - Michelle Hurd
Brian Cassidy - Dean Winters
Robert Goren - Vincent D'Onofrio
Alexandra Eames - Kathryn Erbe
God, could you imagine Briscoe and Cassidy? That would freaking rule. I'd have picked Eames or Goren, but it only says two, and they cannot be split up. And I love Dean Winters. If I was allowed four, I'd add them. But dude. Briscoe and Cassidy... that would have been awesome.

I need a Dean Winters icon.

Anyway, 12 hours from now I will be leaving for the airport to go back to Colorado and blessed WIRELESS INTERNET. And dude, guess what I managed to make my mom get me? That's right, an actual forensics textbook! I can probably convince Bob (my physics/chem teacher) to let me do an independent study with it after I finish physics and chemistry.

I also got a pair of nice brown shoes, a tie, and a sweet trenchcoat for 21$ at a Goodwill store for my private eye costume. Then we got a brown fedora at "Hats in the Belfry" in downtown Annapolis. And HOLY CRAP, Annapolis is freaking tiny. And the Naval Academy? Resembles nothing more than a ritzy prison. So don't want to go there anymore.
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