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Commercials, the Parent's TV Council, and Crossing Jordan - "Total Recall"

That stupid-ass commercial for Diamond Trading Company, you know the one, in which the couple's at Rome and the guy's all "I swear, with all these people as witness, I'd marry you again", and she's like "Haha, whatev," and then her parents are there, just came on, and it reminded me that song number... 8, I believe, from the Veronica Mars soundtrack is the song that plays during the commercial. Which cracks my shit up, let me tell you. Seriously, go Google the lyrics to "Long Time Coming" by the Delays.

There's an article on AOL about the Parent's TV Council and their hatred of FOX shows (right there with you, for different reasons), and it includes a poll:
Which FOX show do you think is the most offensive?
'Family Guy'
'The O.C.'
'American Dad'
'The War at Home'

I voted for the O.C. It's the most insulting to my intelligence, anyway. Of course, the Parent's Television Council is full of dumbasses most of the time - such as this brilliant line from thier review of Veronica Mars:
Although the show is based around a high school atmosphere, the content is not appropriate for audiences under the age of 14.

Hey, genuises. Guess how old most people are when they start high school? Not under the age of 14.

Spoilers for tonight's Crossing Jordan behind the cut.

Jordan/J.D. is beautiful. I heart it. And Woody/Lu. I just wish Seely would come back. Then this show would be perfect. Although Woody is kind of a bastard. Gives JD the go-ahead and then gives him false info? Jaaaaackaaaaass.

AW. Jordan and JD are adorable! "Why are you whispering?" "I'm not sure if we're public or not." "You can use your normal voice if you'd like." I LOVE them.

"They went before a judge more often than Motley Crue." Is this the adorkable EDA from the hostage episode? I love him!

Whoa. Actual detectives doing work. This is like... whoa. Detectives have jobs other than UST with morgue employees? Crazy.

I thought I just heard Woody call the suspect's mother "Mrs. Seely". I've got Seely on the brain, man.

"That was the morgue. They found a clue. A REAL clue. Don't wait up." Woody, you're such a teenager. I love you!

"When do you have soap on your body?"
"Am I alone, or with somebody?"

"Marriage is the most common risk factor in murder."

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you usually check the bodies to find out which died first?"
And they crowd in on him. I love this show.

ZOMG! THEY HAVE A POOL! "Yeah, a ghoul who will be 2500$ richer if she died first." I LOVE IT!

Woody really likes beating the hell out of walls, don't he?

Somehow, I doubt luminol goes that bright. If so, freakin' awesome.

HAHA! Multiple confessors.

...ER is doing ANOTHER crash story? Shit, is it a requirement now? One crash episode per season?

Haha, the EDA was the guy from the hostage episode. Jeffrey. I'll remember that. He's adorkable.
THEY CRACKED HEADS! That's my bet, right before the fight reenactment. Aaaaand... I'm wrong. Go me.

I love when they get kid actors who look like thier older counterparts. It's kind of cool.

And wow, what a sick freak.

"Do you... ever... eat lunch?"
"Yeah, sure, goodbye!"

"You seem like a nice girl. Did you know you have an evil twin who works in a morgue near here?"

In a development that both warms and astounds, Seely is booked for three consecutive episodes starting January. Including an episode entitled "The Elephant in the Room", which makes me hope they'll bring up Peter's disappearing act. But probably not. Oh well, three Seelysodes to look forward to! YAY!

The icon is Seely going WTF? at not being in this episode. Amen.
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