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Laptop and school

I, being a loser, have decided to take my laptop into school tomorrow. Hey, Tom totally set precedent, and I've got more cred than him, so I can totally do it.

Plus, Nano is making me. I've written less than 200 words, it's been an hour, and I SO want to sleep. I've got NCIS tonight, which will take over my brain from 7PM until bed as the premise looks adorable enough to make , so I need to get 2K done before 7PM.

Also, I did a chapter for physics yesterday, so I've got time for typing during Bob's. No one in there will care; Katie's doing Nano, and Steven, Jesse, and what's his face are totally not going to care. Dominic will probably start joking, but I'll just have to walk over to him and he'll shut up. Today he openly admitted that I scare him more than MARK. The pro lacrosse teacher so muscley that Dom says he takes steroids.

OH! And the best costume worn yesterday? Steven was dressed as Andrew. As in, the English teacher named Andrew. He, alas, forgot the omnipresent yardstick. It was still good enough that Jesse mistook him for Andrew in the kitchen/weight room. Steven's awesome.
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