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In which I rant about bashing fics.

I just found a Ziva-bashing fic. I am, very nearly literally, seeing red. What follows is a link to the fic and the review I left this genius.

The fic: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2639342/1/
The review (everything in dashes is a quote from the fic):

Wow, zomg, that was the bestest thing ever you r0xxorz.

Only, y'know, sarcasm.

-O-M-F-G. Did you see Ziva ask Tony out? Did you see Tony accept? WTF IS WRONG WITH THE PRODUCERS?-

O-M-F-G, did you see her totally shoot Tony down for offering more than friendship? Obvious the producers (who, y'know, do all the writing instead of the WRITERS and all the directing instead of the DIRECTORS) are on crack.

-And the really sad part is, it was going to be Kate asking Tony out. From No specific reason has been given for Sasha Alexander's departure from the show. Her replacement, Cote de Pablo (below), was integrated into the show with the same storyline in which Sasha Alexander was written out.

So see, the producers had planned to get Tony and Kate together, but no!-

What the hell is wrong with you? The "Cote de Pablo was integrated into the show with the same storyline in which Sasha Alexander was written out"? Wasn't referring to a one-off friendship bit, it was referring to ARI. Remember him? Yeah, that little thing you quoted as OMGPROOFTHATTATEWASGONNABEREAL? Was just mentioning that hey, Ziva got brought in on the Ari storyline, like Kate got killed!

-If they kiss, I will stop watching NCIS.-

Good. I'd vastly prefer having intelligent people around here. (In case you're confused, they're set to kiss. Next episode.)

-Ahem, and if you're wondering, there will be a rant at the beginning of most of my stories from now on.-

Well, now I know at least one author to avoid. Thanks for the warning so I don't have to waste any time. Oh, and by the way, I love how you manage to make someone completely OOC even though they have very little canon behind them. That's a special kind of brilliant. Emphasis on the special.

(And people wonder why I tend to hate Tate shippers. If there was more than a single sane one out there, I might change my mind.)
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