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My Official Transcript, As it Stands.

Behind a cut because it's rather long. Course name, first semester grade, second semester grade.

GRADE 8 (only not really)
Algebra I || C || n/a
Honors English 9 || B || D-
Physical Science || C || D-
Computer Technology || A || n/a
US History || A- || C+
Japanese I || B+ || C+
Scuba || n/a || B

GRADE 9 (only not really)
Algebra II || C || n/a
Honors English 10 || C || C-
Honors Biology || B || D
Today's Business || A || n/a
Multimedia Applications || n/a || A
World Cultures || A+ || n/a
Spanish I || A || C
Japanese I || n/a || B

GRADE 10 (only not really)
Geometry || C || n/a
Creative Writing || A || n/a
Computer Programming || A || n/a

GRADE 11 (for the second time)
Mystery Fiction || A
Conceptual Physics || A
American Government || A
(all others incomplete/pass grades)

13.38 credits (20 needed for graduation)

Approx. GPA: 2.86. That's enough to get me into Western Oregon University.
Approx. GPA after finishing first quater in all classes: 3.0
Approx. GPA if I take seven classes next semester, and seven each semester next year, and ace them all: 3.4

Am I getting into WOU's honors program? HELL YEAH. (Sure, they say 3.5 GPA. But I've got a freakin' 33 ACT, and they recommend at least 27. Oh yeah.)
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