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BUT CAN THEY.... DUN DUN, SING? (And Apprentice Martha.)

This Michael dude from One Tree Hill isn't doing anything for me. He looks kinda weird, and he kinda sucks at singing. DUDE, IT'S CALLED TONE. Yet, he'll probably win, because he has the idiot teen vote.

But man, is that Gotti boy cute. Mm. Now he is hot. BUT CAN HE SING? Sorry. Couldn't resist. It's on commercial, and they're going to say that the second it comes back anyway.

Ahmet Zappa is annoying. Like, the most annoying host I've ever seen and I'm including shiny hair big teethed host of One Hit Wonder. Or whatever that NBC show I loved was. Hey, they had Wang Chung. Um, what? You didn't know I have an embarassing love of Wang Chung? Are you NEW here? Good Night, and Good Luck looks awesome.

It's baaaaaaack. Freakin' Zappa. And now I have to sit through some soap star from the Bold and the Beautiful before seeing if the pretty can sing.

He's pretty good, and he does have the looks to pull off this song ("You Belong to Me"). Kinda like a dangerous stalker who could be a serial killer. His left eye is kind of more closed than his right one. Same with the guy before him - the former Power Ranger guy. Yeah. So, overall, I say better than Power Ranger but still worse than Morgan Fairchild.

Damn it. When's Gotti up? I don't want to listen to Bai Ling, I want to see Gotti boy and then watch me some 21 Jump Street. That's all. I don't CARE about the rest of these losers.

Wow, she's bad. It's like karaoke. In seven tutus. I hope she gets kicked off.

So, I totally just gave up waiting for him to come up and watched his video on VH1. Not bad. Not good, either, but he's just here for the looks anyway. And living dangerously, 'cause hello: mob family. His dad's doing time for racketeering and arson.

And now, Apprentice Martha. Oh God. Ryan is crazy. You have to admire that commitment. Or commit him. Whichever.

Jeezus. Jim is crazy. Is he seriously taking drugs? That's the only thing to explain it. And that wouldn't even explain it. Gawd. Is that seriously their entire pitch? That's kind of crap. It's a freak show in the street. Thank the Lord they stopped showing us that.

What the hell is wrong with Jim? He's just staring up in the air. What the hell? Crazy ass bitch. I SLAP YOU.

Martha's like a teacher. A crazy ass teacher. Ryan is cute. LIKE, SUPER CUTE! And I think Martha just implied Ryan's gay. Yeah... he kinda is. RYAN/HOWIE OTP! And now the fun part: The pre-firing showdown between the members of the losing team. Biotch. Whoever the biotch that just told Sarah she'd back her up and told the camera that HELL NO, she wouldn't. And Sarah's a bitch too. Howie's even kind of a jackass, but he's not malicious about it. Or psychotic. Sarah's getting fired. I know it. And hey, it appears Howie got the same brilliant idea that the other team won with. I knew he was smart. Jim, cut your dumbass narration NOW. Bethenny, you Banana Bitch. BETHENNY/CARRIE BITCHSLAPDOWN! WHOOOO! Oh shite. If she fires them ALL, I will hunt her down. Save Howie, he smart! Others should go. Howie stay. HOWIE STAY, DAMN IT!

I kind of want to see the flashback to the sixties Vegas on Monday. It looks amusing. Okay, we're back! Damn you, Sarah. Keep Jim safe and send Howie home? Jackass. Phew. She sent Carrie and Sarah home, not Howie. Or even Bethenny, sometimes she's cool. Other times, she's the Banana Bitch. BWAHA! Sarah and Carrie are in luv. They held hands!

Jim live on TV. DEAR GOD, WHY?!?!?!

I just convinced my mom to get me the TWoP now-or-never Go Pirates hoodie. SWEET. And my Always Bring Backup shirt should be arriving soon. I am, like, geektastic. (Reminds me: Bob totally brought up the show earlier today during my quarterly review with all of my teachers when it was his turn to talk. And I have a social/emotional goal for this year: Click with my peers. Meaning, when everyone goes to play a board game or card game during family group, I should probably join them instead of reading or surfing the Net. Fuuuun.)

Also, an informal vote: most versatile Veronica Mars quote?
1 - "Because he's crazy?"
2 - "I cannot escape Tom Cruise."
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