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Another one of THOSE entries... 21JS

Is it wrong that I find chubby semi-mohawk'd Penhall the cutest Penhall of them all? I mean, adorable!

And Johnny Depp, kicking back in a chair, feet up on the desk, eating grapes, keeping Hoffs totally out of the loop? HIGHLARIOUS!

Also highlarious? Dirt bike fighting.

Okay, so, in a bunch of episodes of 21 Jump Street there's this bad guy, right? His name's Raymond Crane. He's supa rich. If you think I don't automatically think "Kane" instead of "Crane", you don't know me very well. Combine Raymond Crane's love of bikes with Lilly Kane's love of bikers, and voila.

Hey, it's past midnight. So stfukthxbai.
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