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"Research and Destroy"

13 Year Old: "Designer drugs? What do I know about designer drugs? I don't do drugs, man. I smoked pot once, thought my dog was trying to arrest me."

CIA Guy: "A relationship has to be based on honesty!"
Ioki: "Honesty? You're a spy!"
CIA Guy: "Well, isn't that the pot calling the kettle covert?"

Okay, so, this episode, they're undercover at a tech institute. And the school has this tradition, Ditch Day, in which the seniors leave campus for the day and the underclassmen try to break into their rooms. To get in, they have to solve puzzles called stacks. Hanson teams up with the 13 year old wunderkind, Cortex, to try and break into the main suspect's room (suspect being Poole, played by Wallace Langham).

*walks up to librarian at first location indicated by a stack*
"Did Anthony Poole leave a message here?"
"For whom?"
"For whom it may concern!"
*she digs through mail, finds envelope that is indeed entitled 'To Whom It May Concern'*

Whoa. They're totally using the song that's in the Swiffer commercials for the Hanson/Cortex scenes, going through Poole's stacks. ...which I just realized is "Whip It", and I totally should have known that from something OTHER than Swiffer commercials. God, I'm pathetic.

HAH! Why does Wallace Langham always play genius jackasses? After all this stuff - figuring out a calculus formula, beating a computer program in poker, and then scaling down the clock tower, the final clue? "The key is under the mat." BWAHA! I'd so do that.

HEY! Another 21JS/VM link! "Megan the pure", in reference to the editor of a school paper. She's blonde, name Meg, in journalism, and is refered to as 'pure'. I bet either Rob Thomas or one of the VM writers was a Jump Street fan. I mean, we've even got a canon reference to it! (Logan calling Jonathan Taylor Thomas 'Jump Street' was freakin' hilarious, too.)

And I just came up with FURTHER proof that Penhall/Booker is the best ever. They both spent a night with Judy, and neither of them had sex with her! Yes, sounds weird, but shaddap.

"Where's your beard?"
"In the sink. How's it look?"
"Like your beard's missing."

"What is it with everybody today? First I get hit on by a high school girl, then my boss asks me out on a date? What am I, emitting some weird signals or something?"

"Would I want to go out with a forty-five year old man..."
"Forty-three, damn it, forty-three!"

"We are at completely different places in our lives. I'm worried about cholesterol, and where my kid's gonna go to college, and you're in college."
"So, I'll help him with his applications!"

Next up: The future!
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