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TV: "Even a thirty-year old case, with thirty-year old evidence, will not stop a SVU detective..." *shows pictures of Stabler*
Me: "Well, hell, what doesn't not stop him?"

In other news, got a version of PowerDVD that lets me take screencaps, so expect... 21JS icons! WHOO!

Now, the special Law & Order: Criminal Intent crossover... with itself! Only on CI, man, only CI.

Ow. I think my brain died trying to read that text message. Oy.

Whoo, laser tag! Reminds me of Tom’s sixteenth birthday party. Heh, poor wounded Zach.

Let’s see what the credits look like. Haha, n00bs, Carver and Deakins are the only ones who get separate credit shots! AND ZOMG, THEY LOOK HILARIOUS, ALL SIX IN A LINE. I need to make an icon of that.

“It’s always kept locked.” Goren pushes door in.

Bethany’s mom sounds kind of like she’s lording her good parenting skills over the other parents.

Mm, Deakins. Uh, shuddup.

OUCH! “Are they your grandkids or something?” Poor Goren!

Hey, that date tag said my birthday! Weird.

He looks like Logan. Sounds like it, too “Interests: booze, danger, and poker.”

SKITTLES! Eames likes Skittles, I like Skittles, I am Eames! Shut up, it works.

“Let’s put them out of our misery.”

Eames, re: Goren and Logan. “There they go. Ocean’s 2.”

They so based the psycho kid off of Logan. Had to have. But he has no Weevil. Poor fake!Logan. And he can’t spin Goren and Logan as easily as Logan would have. Um, confusing sentence, yeah.

HAH! Goren, messing with his hair. You vs. Lamb, now. FIGHT! Also, HAHA! Fingerprint liftin’, man.

“Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves. We’re flying into the eye of the hurricane.” Oh, Carver, I love you. I love you so much. You’re the best ADA, man, the best!

Logan, quit peeping. Loser.

“Looks like a three alarm hunch.”

Work together, losers!

Wonder why this kid got so screwed up? Could it be because his dad IS A RAGING EGOTISTICAL JACKASS? Naaah, that’s not it. Whoa, not just a jackass, a psychopath. And he’s saying the whole no body, no case mantra that so many teenage killers thought they could get away with, AND SO DIDN’T.

“You know, the city’s turning this place into a park.”
”The rats will be thrilled.”

I would have paid good money to see Logan throw up over the railing. Look out, New Yawkers!

Damn it, folks, now you just have him for sex! He can say it’s consensual, and will, if he has a brain or a lawyer.

Mwaha, mind games. Love mind games. And Goren just pushed him up the stairs.

He has a latex allergy, hence the tossing of the keys instead of handing them to Goren.

Did he just call Logan “Bitch”? If so, I must laugh.

Wow, CONTINUITY! Love this episode/movie.

Haha, Connie. Connie, Connie, Connie.

Ethan/Connie OTP! Psycho little kids forever!

Goren, you and your crazy tape-listening.

“I have this for [my daughter’s killer]! It’s a Bible!”

“Elise, Elise, open up, the shrew is at the door!”

Haha, I’m as smart as Goren! I totally called the latex allergy as soon as he tossed the keys. That plus the sheepskin condoms made me go “Latex allergy.” When we were cleaning my great uncle’s house out, I went to the store to buy cleaning supplies with my mom and made sure we got one pack of non-latex gloves incase anyone had an allergy.

“There was a second shooter.” God, Eames, your one-liners are as bad as Grissom’s sometimes. Yeesh.

Ouch. Poor kid. “I couldn’t even get him to hold you as a baby.”

“I’m checking to see which ones are fresh.”
”They must love you in the produce aisle.”

OOH! Over a hundred complainants of bad, bad things against Logan. That’s awesome.

About the FBI: “Those people couldn’t stop an asthma attack.”

I love that pause all the bad guys get after spilling everything they know to Goren, and they realize what they’ve said.

Carver as bureau chief. MWAH.

Yay, court scenes! Work your stuff, Carver, work it good! (…sounds bad.)

Ruh roh. Eames, no, Eames. NO! Thou shalt not break up the Eames and Goren friendship, jackass lawyer! NOOOO!!!! *cries*

(Re: Eames’ request for a new partner five years ago.)
“I’m sorry Bobby, I should have told you.”
“You’re right. I am an acquired taste. …I’m lucky you withdrew your request.”

Carver has pretty eyes. Preeeeetty. Take your glasses off more, pretty Carver, please? If I’m a good girl?

How did he know that his dad ‘made her bleed’? Hm… Hah. Kid keeps slipping.

DUN DUN. SHE’S the killer. Wow. This Ethan kid might have an even more screwed up home life than Logan Echolls. I smell crossover!

Aw. “They’re parents. They understand. That’s what makes it worse.”

Well, that was an AWESOME Criminal Intent.
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