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"Last Chance High": The McQuaid's Last Hurrah.

POLL! Should I keep my LJ title and subtitle ("My Future's So Bright"/"I Gotta Wear Shades") or change it, to incorporate the line "There's a certain danger in always thinking you're right," as said by Fuller in the episode "Last Chance High"? POLL OVER, I have decided amongst myselves.

Talking about group therapy, which the girl they're talking with says is great, since so many kids at the school come from screwed up backgrounds, or are socially maladjusted, a boy wearing a skirt walks by.
Doug: "I hope he's in group."
Tom: "I hope he's Scottish."
Girl: "Actually, Kevin got into an Ivy League school for next year."
Doug: "That's not his only problem."

Tom: "Why is it that on every shopping cart, there's one wheel that refuses to turn?"
Girl: "I have a theory on that. The feminists do it."

Girl: "...if I show you, you have to promise not to tell a soul."
Tom: "On my brother's eyes, I swear."

Doug is trying to get Paul to tutor him in math. Earlier, he and Tom had asked Paul to try and jimmy the lock in Tom's car, and he broke the driver's window.)
Paul: "Look what happened the last time I helped."
Doug: "That? My brother doesn't even remember! He just thinks there's a little more ventilation in the car!"

Doug: "You live here alone?"
Paul: "I'm not sure..."

Tom: "I know I should have come to you sooner about this..."
Fuller: "Oh, I know you know. That's why I'm still ticked off about this."

Alright. As of the end scene of "Last Chance High", I no longer deny that Penhall and Hanson were the gayest. Thing. EVER. In the 80's. Which is saying something. It's just... Booker brings the pretty. So much of the pretty. I know some girls have a thing for Johnny Depp, but damn. Richard Grieco was PRETTY.
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