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The Latest Prison Break, or: Kellerman grows a spine.

Ooh. Kellerman grew a SPIIIINE!

And what's tomorrow? Election day? World domination day?

Wait. Is that Veronica's ex-fiance? Maaaaaan. I knew from day one he was doomded. Yes, doomded. That's written that way one purpose.

...he's cute, though.

Blueberry pancakes for a final meal? Well okay then.

NO VERONICA! Why the hell did you answer him? WHY? WHY OH WHY? They tracked you, man. And they killed poor Sebby. I knew he was destined to die, I knew it. And he was cute, damn it. DAMN THE GOVERNMENT, THEY ALWAYS KILL THE CUTE ONES!

Part of me hopes this is a trap, but mostly I know it isn't. Sigh. And he has such cute kids, too! Three of them. Aw. And now they be half-orphans. Am sad. Sad am.

Or, um, he'll have no kids or wife. Damn, Falzone is a bastard, for all that his name rhymes with a yummy pizza-like food.

I kneeeeew it! Trappitty trap trap trap! Mikey-boy, why on Earth did you do that? Yes, a good man lives on, as does his family, but like Falzone can't reach you from jail?

"I think there's cynism and realism."
"And optimism, and hope, and faith."
"This coming from an eight-toed guy in a penitentary."
"Toes are overrated."

Okay, I can see the Mikey-boy/Sara possibility. If... Sucre and Mikey-boy weren't so. Totally. GAY.

HAHA! Abruzzi is so good at faking me out! I love him! SOOOO MUCH! That head tilt was so very Gorenesque, man. So very.

Aw, Eljay. You're so cute. Even as a little kid. Aw, the blueberry pancakes. AW. I love you.

I love that Westmoreland is the only one breaking dress code. It figures.

I love how Mikey-boy can sound sarcastic and threatening at the same time. It's a skill. A MAD SKILL!

Nice walking skillz! And nice "Let's talk about conspiracy in funny little quips. And is it wrong that I'm finding T-Bag a lot less threatening than

Go Nicky! You got smaaaaarts, me boy-o! And you about to be deaded. Unless... is Eljay p'rhaps on guard, and will smack super-soldier guy in the head with a shovel? And maybe have learned something from his stepdad's stupid not-hitting-them-until-they-dead move?

*views previews* Obviously, I am an idiot when it comes to predictions. I don't much care; keep Eljay, Nick, and Sucre alive, and ain't nobody gonna be barbequed.

"Holiday" movies I wish to view: Ice Harvest, Just Friends.
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