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My mother has dubbed Lu from Crossing Jordan "psycho-cop". As she is a psychologist and cop. My mother rules.

Google up "x needs" where x is your first name. Post the first ten results.

1. ...love
2. ...hundreds of thousands of dollars
3. ...to be finding solutions to those problems
4. ...to hear the truth
5. ...to muster the political courage and vision to tackle these issues
6. ...love
7. ...Nikki Sixx
8. ...match fit
9. ...to be created
10. ...me

Needless to say, I am much amused. Behind the cut are the results for Meagan (meh real name) and Cassidy (yes, from Veronica Mars, because I redefine loser):

1. ...some encouragement
2. ...to lose a lot of pounds
3. ...to come home
4. ...braces this year
5. ...to eat a sandwich
6. ...to talk to him
7. ...it
8. ...to narrow her focus and come up with a clear argument
9. ...to stuff it
10. ...only two classes to graduate

1. ...no magic words
2. ...someone to build her confidence more under saddle (it's a horse site, you sick folk!)
3. ...no push from her passing due to melanoma to achieve recognition
4. ...to address his arguments
5. ...better play than Wilson got from goalie Olaf Kolzig
6. ...to find the killer before it is too late
7. ...to figure out how to parcel out a narrative in episode form
8. ...time to consider Evan's proposal
9. ...to stop the range war before it starts
10. ...someone to talk to
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