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My musings on the latest CSI episode

ZOMG! Bobby/Hodges OTP! Note to self: Quit listing every person either Bobby or Hodges comes into contact with as OTP. Even if Bobby/Hodges, Greg/Hodges, Bobby/Greg, and Nick/Hodges are totally canon. Anyway!

Haha, Warrick got punched! Oh, I've wanted to do that SO often.

Nicky, Nicky. Someone give the poor boy a razor.

One of those guys looks like what would happen if Lamb and Leo had a kid. If that was biologically possible. Either way, he is damn cute.

Who's the jackass I.A.B. guy? Ortega? He looks familiar. Was there a previous I.A.B. investigation?

WHOO! for using lab equipment we used in physical/earth science back in ninth grade! I love those pressure-measuring thingies.

BWAH! If that CSI: HoCaine Flavor commercial I just saw was not misleading, Wolfe (aka, cheap-ass Greg knockoff) gets hit in the eye. If it's because he points a nail-gun directly at his eye, I will laugh my fucking ass off. Could you see anyone on Original Flavor being that much of a dumbass? Me neither.

"Grissom, am I on overtime?"
"Of course!"
"Is anyone else still here?"
"Good to know."

"I hate it when you do that." So NCIS, man.

"How did you know that hubcap was related to the case?"
"I am a trained observer."
"Greg, how long do you think a perfectly good hubcap like this would stay lying around? In this neighborhood?"

"You know, you scare me sometimes. Kinda freaky. You ever bet on the ponies?"

"Make sure you document the skid marks."
"Heehee, he said skid marks."

Grieving parents/spouses FIGHT!

"Good old" something scientific.

Dumbass. We all know that "friendly fire" is a misnomer. You don't have to mention it fifteen times.

Vartann! I love Vartann, by the way.

And will someone get Warrick the fuck out of there until it's cleared. I don't care if he's got a gun, he's a civvie!

"Stay tuned for scenes from next week's conclusion." As opposed to the week after that's conclusion.

Also, Cavaliere/Vartann OTP. That's all.
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