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CSI and the Insanity that is the Denver-Metro Area in Winter

Whoa. That missing girl with the unfortunate name? Totally just called a homicide – she may have died as much as a year and a half ago! Why does the Denver-Metro area always get the crazy? Like, dude. There needs to be a CSI: Denver, and they’d have enough ‘ripped from the headlines’ episodes for three seasons!

Oh, look. Road rage ending with a guy shooting off a shotgun – and his car is one of the Columbine ‘respect life’ ones. Jeez.

For Christ’s sake! What the hell is it with winter in Colorado? Everyone goes nuts and starts hopping counters to rob banks and shit. Freakin’ Colorado, damn it. Five attempted abductions in Denver Public Schools since school started.

And now, CSI!

Haha! Vartann is totally the go-to guy for political relations! That’s… not so much with the good.

Wait, the Mexicans got a Mafia too? That’s Italian, Irish, Russian, and now Mexican? Jeez. …I wonder if there’s a Scottish Mafia? Or! A Norwegian Mafia! Sweet. Me, pay attention? Even when it IS Ecklie and Vartann?

…Vartann pretty.

Whoa, awesome photo-video effect!

So we’ve got the under sheriff, the head of the lab, the IAB guy in charge, and the detective in charge (I’m assuming that Vartann is)? Okay then.

Vartann: “Just a little… retroactive birth control.” Oh, Vartann. I LOVE YOU!

“I said we hadn’t found it yet. I didn’t say we weren’t looking.” Better than normal zing there, Grissom my buddy. That’s right. You’re back to being my buddy, after me wanting to slap you for a good part of season five.

…Vartann still pretty. Also, a jackass. Which makes him more pretty. Um, what? I SAID NOTHING!


“I can recommend a departmental psychologist…” OOH, SARA! BUUUUUUURN!

So Warrick can magically calculate angles and trajectory with his mad mind skillz? AWESOME!

Brass, Brass, Brass. You’re on administrative leave, too!

I bet Greg gets to comb that thing, too. He gets all the crap jobs. (Actually, it might be Nicky, he gets the second crappiest. My poor boys.)

“Come on. I’ll even let you buy me a donut.” Hee, IAB guy amuses me!

Told you Greg gets the crappiest jobs.

Hodges! I love you!

“Who keeps their gun in a clay pot?”
”That would be… no one.”

”Doesn’t he bug you?”
”No more than anyone else around here.”

Oh, Hodges. I looooooove yoooooou! I may have to rewatch “Research and Destroy” after this.

“Well, this is per me.”

Hodges! In the field! HEE!

Oh, Hodges. You. Are. HOT. And hee, to his not wanting to throw the gun. HODGES! I LOVE YOU!

“Worse than the dentist. Better then the proctologist.” Ecklie, you RAWK!

And I toldja either Greg or Nick would be combing the car, didn’t I?

Aaand cut to Sofia. I SO DON’T CARE, and I even like her. But hee to watching Meg’s boyfriend get shot again. (Dude, same actor.)

Haha, Bobby and Hodges are awesome!

”I am just a soldier in this war, I was given orders, I followed them.” HEE!

Sofia again. I SO DON’T CARE. I also don’t like Brass being mopey. I want kickass Brass back, damn it! Hah, he’s been suspended six or seven times. Guess it goes with the job.

Alright! Finally someone realizing that CSIs aren’t cops. It’s like, a freaking miracle.

We’re only half through, and I’ve already written nearly two pages? This, my friends, is what we call a good episode.

Ah, yes, the “They would have killed us!” excuse. Haven’t heard that one before. MASSIVE EYE ROLL.

Ecklie: “You tell him.” Hee! That even got a chuckle from my dad.

Yay, Bobby! I love gun boy.

Brass or Curtis? DUN DUN!!! Dun.

Well, this shall be an unsatisfying ending. Unless Grissom does some wicked awesomeness, which you know he will.

I love when they playact!

“He meant the other left.” Another chuckle from dad!

“It’s still blocked." Another chuckle!

Brass did it! OH NO! MY BRASS!

Freaking CSI: Miami. I seriously wanna slap ‘em. All ‘em but Delko, ‘cause Delko’s cute. And I liked him on “Cross-Jurisdictions”.

Aw. Poor Brass.

Vartann is nervous. He’s cute when he’s nervous. And other times. Hee.

Brass looks gooood in uniform. Poor Brass.

Oh, man. Next week looks like a rehash of “Big Middle” and all the controversy thereof.

Am I the only one who remembers a time when kids were safe walking through their neighborhoods, even all by themselves? I see all this shit on the news these days and think my parents must have been crazy to let me wander wide and far from age five on – and even to let me run around the culdesac starting at age three! Sure, it was a military neighborhood, but what about after moving to Colorado? I was only seven, and my only restriction was “Be home when the streetlamps turn on”. No way in hell am I letting my kids wander the neighborhood by themselves at age seven. HELL no.
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