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"Just Rewards"

Butler: "The Master has requested that I send you back to Wolfram & Hart." *begins spinning butcher knives*
*Angel grabs a spoon from one of the dead people and tosses it into the Butler's forehead*
Spike: "A spoon?! That's just..." *the Butler pulls it out* "Okay then..." *Butler collapses*
Angel: *to Spike* "I know you don't like me, but could you atleast not root for the other team?"

Harmony: "That was your appointment..."

*Angel gets ready to smash the amulet, swings the vase... hits himself in the head*
Spike: "Uh, you missed."

Angel: *is having a talk with Gunn, Spike walks in* I'm in a meeting.
Spike: "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't care."

Poor Spikey. But we know he's gonna stay around, cause he's a theme song character, damnit!

You know, it's really kind of sad that nearly all of my entries are about TV shows.

"Angelus, This Is Your Life
Angel/Werewolf girly? Innnteresting, verrrrry interesting.......
I love the Spike/Angel dynamic, btw. The scene with the cars... Spike is so the rebellious teenage son.

Longer post later, perhaps. Law & Order is on, y'know. The original, yes, but it's still L&O.

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