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SAT Predictions

Less than an hour until SAT results are released online! Whoo! It's sad how excited I am. Also, nervous. Okay, my predictions:

My old verbal score was 760. I bet my critical reading will be lower this time, but above 600. As far as writing goes, I bet 500-700. My old math score was 540, and I hope it will stay around that, but it's probably a little lower. Above 500, one prays.

NERVOUS! I hope I didn't screw up the essay too badly with my going on and on about Matt Damon (uh... pretend you didn't read that). Also, my leg's falling asleep. And it took me three tries to type 'asleep' correctly. That? Does not bode well. Not bode well at all!

Aaaaand I just checked the college board website, and it says my scores are in. Oh crap oh crap oh crap OH CRAP.

...oh. Wow.

Critical Reading: 740
Math: 660
Writing: 620
- Multiple Choice 63 (score range: 20-80)
- Essay 8 (score range: 2-12)


Hm... according to about.com, to get into Harvard a 2200 would be good, and to get into Michigan a 1900 would be good. I guess it's a good thing I don't want to go to Harvard!

EDIT: Found a score comparison. It seems I improved in leaps and bounds from my old SAT score (a 1300 old would be about a 1920 in the new), but did worse than my ACT (a 33 is about a 2190 on the new SAT).
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