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Reflecting and Prison Break incoherency. No reflecting ON incoherency, though. Sadly.

"Chances are people you don't even know are being introduced to your journal every day, either randomly or through someone else. In addition to recent entries, people can get to know you better by what you posted in the past. With that in mind, post a link to your entries on this day three months ago, six months ago, nine months ago, a year ago, a year and a half ago and two years ago. If there was no entry on that day, link the closest date."

Three months ago... I drove my new truck for the very first time, had a bad gaydar, loved the television show Wanted, and took far too many quizzes.
Six months ago... I contemplated the upcoming After-Prom - not prom, only losers went to that (or, y'know, people who actually had significant others).
Nine months ago... I created a quiz about my friends, waited impatiently for a Veronica Mars recap to show up on Television Without Pity, contemplated movies, and was shocked that Wallace Langham did the voice on Andy on Mission Hill. (It's good to know that I've been a Langham fan at least nine months, yo.)
A year ago... I freaked over Rory Thost and thought about changing my PB for Rush to him, had a bizarre breakfast, was weirded out by my dad's choice in movies, and had a weird dream involving VM and X-Men characters.
A year and a half ago... I had lots of Hotmail messages and was in Florida.
Two years ago... I was still in love with Tom and decided to tell him via the always-useful ecard, and was amused the news and a cell phone commercial.

Oh, and folks? I changed my flist title to "I'm gonna shoot somebody if we don't get back to the point here." Thank you, Wanted quotes! And y'all need to take that quote to heart, yo.

Sucre's going to be a papi!

"Your hormone things are out of whack!"

Why must everone on this show be an angstpuppy? WHY? I NEED SOME NON ANGST PUPPY! Like you, Kellerman. Sociopaths are incapable of being angstpuppies! (Unless they're named Ryan O'Reily, of course, because he is a damn sexy psuedo-sociopath.)

Aw, Eljay! My boy! Cry on my shoulder, I won't mind!

Damn C-Note, planting seeds of doubt in my boy's mind.

And Abruzzi! You poor boy. You're such a sweetie. Even if you are... slightly psychotic. Someone get my boy (number four, after Nick, Eljay, and Sucre) anti-psychotic meds, stat! As he's dreaming of his own son, dead. And that stain looks kinda like a crucifix, don't it? I thought Sucre was supposed to be the crazy religious one. I guess in prison, everyone gets crazy religious!

Eljay, did Veroniduh's stupid catch?

Hale, you big softy!

Damn it show, you've got me feeling bad for T-freaking-BAG. And Abruzzi's growing a conscience. Jaysus. Jaysus indeed.

NO! Sucre, how dare thee! Betray Mikey-me-boy like that! And to C-Note, of all people. You are not the brightest of my boys, Sucre, not at all. Actually, I think you're the dumbest. Yeah, it goes Eljay, Nick, Abruzzi, then you.

God, Mikey-me-boy (not the same as being one of my boys, beeteedoubleyou), could you be any more obvious? Like, seriously? Even if you are damn smart, you ain't that smart.

Is that a bull helping pull in T-Bag? That's totally creepy, if so.

Hey! Trapt song in the Aeonflux video game/movie. Awes.

Bellick, don't turn my boy Tweener - oh, God, I just claimed Tweener as one of my boys. Well, at least Sucre's not the dumbest of my boys now.

Bellick, you're a freaking bastard.

Hale, you're such a good guy! Of course, now your entire family is going to be as on-the-run as the Conspiracy Trio is! Maybe you can all run together, and Eljay can be the big brother to your ickle kiddies! That would be so cute.


Shit, man, I wish *I* were that strong. The kinda upper body strength can only help.

You better be soooooo, sooooo glad she didn't look down right then. You woulda been kinda screwed.

Nicky's awake! YAY!

Do you really need to kick the crap out of him if you're going to kill him? Isn't that called... overkill? Maybe?

Dude. Too much Oz for me. I thought Abruzzi was going to kiss T-Bag. Well, at least he's hugging him. And why do the felons always take the word of God all crazy-like AND OH MY FREAKING GOD.

Jesus, Lincoln, you had to do that? You being in SHU ain't going to help the escape none, man.

Y'all got MORE THAN ONE big problem, folks. Holy goddamn crap. I think I'm going to die. And for the record? Neck-slice-n-dice? Is slowly but surely overtaking being burned alive as "Lee Bailey's Least Favorite Way to Kick the Freakin' Bucket". I need to rewatch "The Routine", crispy fried Dino Ortolani would set me straight.

Next week!: My prediction? Veroniduh and my top two boys will come through with their conspiracy ways, and Linc'll be saved. And everybody else will go through the rabbit hole. (Ironic, isn't it, that my number three boy will have died FOR NOTHING?!?! Well, maybe because I added Tweener to my boys, so the show decided to bump one of my boys off to make room for him. SAD! ...I still prefer him getting killed over my other boys, 'cept Tweener, though.)
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