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"Frame Up", YO!

Third new credits of the season! They’re as ADHD as I was with switching avatar people for Rush back on Lumos, hah.

Poor Ziva! Haha! But she gave Tony a two!

“I don’t have… that’s a five!”
”If you shave.”

Poor McGeek!

Yay for foreign language!

Haha, they fell in the lake! Hee.

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy. You’ve spent too much time with Tony!

Poor Jimmy! So out of depth with the Ducky-Gibbs convo.

Jimmy-Chip runin! Chip’s such a jackass! Charles, sorry.

Forensic anthropology! And Tony knew. Tony’s brilliant. Hee.

“Fun! You know fun! Fun, Chip!”


He knew instantly what his last Quanitco case was.

“I would never. Well, maybe I would. But I didn’t.”

Tony subtitles!

“Alright, enough with the geek-speak!”

A hundred-thousand to one, you say?

Sheperd, shut up. Shut up shut up SHUT UP! And enough with the gorram flashbacks. WE GET IT! THEY KNOW EACH OTHER.

Haha, David Brant! He’s the real NCIS director.

“You see my dilemma.”

“They get a little touchy when they think you’re family and you turn out to be a cop.”

“People like me, I’m a nice guy!”

I love the list.

“Well, I always break up with them when I find out they’re married.”

“Wait a minute, you never do anything.” *gets smacked* “…because you’re such a good delegator.”

Tony, you look like an idiot. Hee. And also, guilty. “Oh, out loud!”

”But it was a school night, and I wanted to watch Magnum.”

“Do you realize that you have an enormous clump of something green in between your teeth, right there?”

Tony, Tony, Tony. I would so do that, if I were in an interrogation room, but still.

My poor boy.

Oh, Abby. *hugs*

Oh no! We’re already halfway through the episode! WHATEVER WILL WE DO?!?!

“Smelled ya comin’, boss.”

“Peporoni, sausage, and extra cheese, right? My favorite.”

This is a cool scene. Tony interrogating himself.

Gibbs is gonna smack him. I knew it! “Thank you boss.”

“Undisappear him.”

“And next time? Have your agent KNOCK.”

Hee, Ziva, you amuse me.

“No, she framed DiNozzo and I let her go.”

HAH! Jen-Gibbs smack down!

“It just proves you should have stayed a field agent!”

“I KNOW what Tony drives.”

“Tony’s Mustang is a ’66!”

“Nice to have you back- Abby.”

Aw, I like Chip.

“How do you know, if they’re Jane Does?”


“You’re butt’s getting bony.”

“Why is Ziva rating your butt?”

“Don’t you blame Tony! He’s almost on Death Row right now!”

“Even geni make mistakes.”

“I know that, Chazzoid!”

“But now I know that forensics was just testing me!” And the rest of the speech! Hee, Abby.

Ziva slapped him! Hee! And Gibbs was amused by that!

Well, this is a bit less high-tech than CSI.

“I dunno, but if you’re going to talk to me, please PLEASE get a breath mint first!”

“Very funny, Probie.”

“Actually, it’s from Chip.”
“Great, now I’m getting crap from a lab-monkey.”

“I didn’t sever any legs!”

Tony! Hee, let up on poor McGeek. He doesn’t mean to screw with you, he’s just a moron.

“That bastard DiNozzo set me up!”

Haha, Fornell can play harmonica! And McGeek hasn’t seen Cool Hand Luke!

HAHA! She duck-taped him!

Now can I work alone?” Aw, Abby! I LOVE YOU!

He was pretty smart. Crazy nutso insane, but smart.

“Wrong, boss!”
“Slap him, Ziva.”

That makes me think Tony totally stands up for McGeek. Aw.

Note to self: Maketh Tony icon STAT!
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