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What to record for tomorrow:

A&E: 7-8AM ("Out of Sight")
A&E: 12-1PM ("What Happens in Vegas Dies in Boston")
A&E: 4-5PM ("Murders in the Rue Morgue")
CBS: 8-9PM ("Dog Eat Dog")

Damn, I thought there were supposed to be more Seelysodes in the CJ marathon. Oh well. Three's still awesome. And I will be recording the CSI episode even if I'm back home in time for it because I just know it's going to be hella disgusting.

Okay, on to the movie I saw today. Yours, Mine and Ours? Was great. I loved it so much more than Cheaper By the Dozen. In Cheaper By the Dozen, you never got to really know any of the kids - except Tom Welling, Hilary Duff, and the redheaded one, all of whom were total caricatures. The parents were total morons, and all of the comedic situations might as well have been the result of parental negligence. YMO had believable, likeable characters you could tell apart from one another and the comedy situations could happen with any large family - hell, half of it's happened on accident to my and my cousins, instead of done on purpose with me and my seventeen siblings! Sure, it was damn predictable, but it was fun, and little kids are cute! And Sean Faris is pretty cute, sort of like a sane Tom Cruise.
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