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Spoiler for tonight's Veronica Mars!

Weevil totally checked out the rich druggie’s chest.

“Actually, just kidding. Like I care.”

Background music! From the soundtrack! “Dakota”!

“I’ve got 911 on the line here, can anyone give me the address? [Into phone] Yeah, I’m wearing an ankle monitor, does that help?”

Logan weilding gun: “I’ve had a very bad year.”

“Well, in my experience, that’s what they want you to think.”


I love the crappy photoshop picture! It’s so high school computer class.

My prediction, twenty minutes in: Marcos/Butter – sorry, Vincent – forever! And he’s harassing Marcos’ parents because he’s upset that they’re forgetting him so easily. THAT’S MY STORY, DAMN IT!

(And if that’s not what happens, I’ll totally write fanfic for it. I WILL!)

Haha, SO META!

“Sorry, I was just trying to see how long we could have a conversation with your side being only questions.”

Re Logan: “Rosemary’s Baby, the teen years!”

“Help me Mars Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.”

“Okay, I’m here, what do we do?” Something I never thought I’d hear!

Whoa, shades of Oz much? El Norte versus Ryan! Only… weirder.

“Go on, get ouy of here. Go scare some old ladies or something.”

“Go get Cervando, he’s back at Texaco.”

Weevil’s on the case! I have more confidence in him than in Veronica on this case, sadly.

Haha! I love the look on their faces, it’s all “Oh. Shit. It’s the veep!”

Aw, I almost feel sorry for Vincent.

Whoa, whoa, WHOA. It’s one of the crazy ass Christian “make the kids straight” camps! Well, possibly not Christian, but probably.

“What is wrong with people?” Indeed, Logan m’boy, indeed.

Like Logan can’t tell who’s holding him captive.

What the hell? What was with that? And GO LOGAN, for stealing the cell phone! You rock, my buddy boy! I was a fan of you since YTYKS!

“Why can’t you graduate already?”

“Do me a favor, never describe me.”

Oh, do you know how stupid you sound?

Aw. Aww.

Haha! Ryan/Marcos forever! He looks kinda familiar…

Another soundtrack song! “Ocean City Girl”! And ew… Duncan/Meg… I’m better now. I actually do like them as a couple, it’s just slightly disturbing, and FINALLY! THE LETTER!

DAMN YOU ROB THOMAS! LEAVE US HANGING LIKE THAT! I should hit you. Or kiss you. Damn, you make me bipolar, you know that?

My entirely premature guess for Felix’s killer: Hector. Either him or Cervando, since we know it wasn’t Logan or Weevil and we don’t actually know the names of anyone else. If we believe random biker’s word, then I’m going with Hector. HECTOR IS TEH KILLER, YO!!!!

I feel the urge to make a Butters - sorry, Vincent - icon. And yes, I will always refer to him as Butters - sorry, Vincent - as I think of him as the first, but find it mean to call him by a hated nickname when my boy Beaver Cassidy's in the same boat.
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