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I used to have the crazy.

I decided to go back and review what I've said about Veronica Mars on TWoP since way back when, and found this amusing theory of mine:
Duncan is the child of Keith Mars and Celeste Kane, Veronica is the child of Lianne Mars and Jake Kane, Lilly is the child of Celeste Kane and Weevil's dad, Weevil is the child of Weevil's mom and Aaron Echolls, and Logan's the only legitimate child on the show!

I also was defending Logan as of the first episode I watched (the repeat of the second episode, "Credit Where Credit's Due"), and was hankering for LoVe before Troy was revealed to be evil. I also guessed the killer the night he appeared.

Obviously, I am psychic.

Of course, I also asked "So who thinks the 'hunky deputy' will be evil?" upon reading the semi-spoilers in TV Guide before Leo showed up. I then told the (Internet) world that his looks did nothing for me, and I thought Jason Dohring was much hotter. I WAS CRAZY LAST YEAR. By "Silence of the Lamb", I was rooting for Logan/Mac.
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