Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

Morgan Development

Alright. I give you some of those survey things, as Morgan would answer.

A - Age: 11
B - Boyfriend: ...No comment
C - Choice of Meat: Mmm, steak...
D - Dream Date: Ooo, erm, Matt Damon!
E - Ex (most recent): None. Stupid.
F - Favorite Food: Italian
G - Greatest Accomplishment: Creating that color charm that has ever so many uses...
H - Happiest Day of Your Life: Uhh... The day that I die! (inside joke, to those who listen to GC...)
I - Internal conflicts: Morals. Pah, why did I have to develop such loathsome things?
J - Jam or Jelly: Jelly
K - Kool-Aid: Cherry!
L - Love: For me to know and you to not to.
M - Most Valued Thing I Own: CD player. Or, actually, my wand!
N - Number of people slept with: ...
O - Outfit You Love: Quidditch robes!
P - Phobia: Cheese.
Q - Question you want to ask: Why?
R - Religious affiliation: Atheist. Or something. Like I know/care
S - Sport to Watch: Quidditch. Duh.
T - Television Show: Buffy. Or, rather, Angel
U - Unique habit: Pretty much everything I do!
V - Very favorite word: MER!
W - Winter: YES!
X - X-rays you have had: None. Duh, magic?
Y - Yesterday's best meal: Gushers
Z - Zodiac Sign: Virgo

2nd Year -- Comes back to Hogwarts with a new look: red hair with neon blue streaks. Taller, snarkier, less "childish", less in the clouds. Quidditch obsessed-er.
After graduation -- No politics, has had enough of that by now. Is thinking either pro Quidditch, or Auror.

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