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I love it when I'm right.

It's super duper windy outside, and is most definitely overcast. I wonder if we'll get snow. Snow smelltastes* like dust.

* = 'smelltaste' is what I call it when I inhale and use my tastebuds instead of my nose to smell. I usually smell things that way, it's easiest.

And now, a meme!

01. List all your fandoms.
02. Have your friends list guess your favourite pairings from each fandom. (Number of faves vary by fandom, and no assurances that each pairing has two characters not featured in another pairing.)
03. When someone guesses right, write it in and give the name of the person that first got it right.
04. See this? Post it in your own LiveJournal (if you want to).

1. Don/Larry (shantalanadevil)
2. Charlie/Colby (dragonessasmith)

1. Tony/Abby (shantalanadevil)
2. Tony/McGeek (shantalanadevil)

1. Greg/Hodges (shantalanadevil)
2. Greg/Bobby (shantalanadevil)
3. Hodges/Bobby (shantalanadevil)
3. Greg/Catherine (dragonessasmith)

1. O'Reily/Alvarez (fangirl1981)
2. O'Reily/ (slash)

Veronica Mars
1. (het)
2. (het)
3. (slash)

Prison Break
1. (slash)
2. (slash)

Crossing Jordan
1. (slash)
2. (het)
3. (het)

21 Jump Street
1. Penhall/Booker (fangirl1981)
2. Penhall/ (het)
3. Penhall/ (het)
4. Penhall/ (slash)

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