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"Judging by the stylish jumpsuit you're wearing, you messed up a little."

Coleman! You became a mass murderer when I wasn't looking? SHAME ON YOU! No cookie for Coleman.

"Judging by the stylish jumpsuit you're wearing, you messed up a little."

Woody needs a shaaaaaave.

"Listen up, psycho bitch."

"Is that a threat? Are you threatening me?" Haha, Woody makes me laugh.

"What kind of fantasy world do you live in?"

"It seems our serial killer has taken a real shine to you, what a surprise."

I love urban prisons. They just look so interesting.

Kessler is a Woody/Jordan shipper! HAHA! I love it when serial killers ship. And with her on-the-point snark, she would fit in GREAT on TWoP's boards.

"That's all men are good for, right?"
"Well, that, and playing out your sadistic fantasies."

"But if he was cheating, it was less horrible?"
"NO. I just... appreciate a killer with a good rationale."

Is it really that smart to leave a civilian alone in a room with a serial killer?

Why does this come as a shock to Jordan? That every person has a point where they'll commit murder? Dude, I'm sixteen, and I know that.

Ooouch. DON'T LIE TO MY BOY J.D. And whoa. J.D. YOU'RE BAD!

I love when serial killers psychoanalyze folk. DUDE! Kessler/Keller OTP!

Haha, Woody. Just yank out the guy's hair.

"Is it just me, or if a masked man asked you to drag a 150 pound duffel bag through the woods, wouldn't you ask some questions?"

"Great. We're looking for Willy Wonka." I knew that guy was a killer!

"Well, you're not a psycho Jordan."
"Well, maybe not in that way."

I feel sorry for my boy J.D.

"So, you and Pollack. How's that going?"
"It's... going."

Why did they create J.D., and have such an adorable actor play him, if they're just going to screw him over/have him screw Jordan over (and not in the good way neither).

Of course she can't hide the darkness in her eyes. You can't change eye color!

"Better them than you." Aw. My boy so sweet.

"She's your girlfriend, mate."

He looks kinda like J.D. And wouldn't Bug already know all this? HAH! THANK YOU! He just said "Nigel? I know." BRILLIANT!

JORDAN! You're a dumbass. DOn't go running off by yourself when there's a killer loose in the woods. It's fucking retarded. And did Kessler seriously just get away? DAMN IT.

Oh. Noooo. If Kessler goes after any of my boys, I will be most upset. Most upset indeed.

"They have bars behind bars?"

Someone, please quit letting Jordan run through the wilderness by herself when killers are on the loose, mkay?

FOLKS! Kessler won't be forgetting all that Jordan said! Am I the only one with a brain here? Or am I the only one who's ever seen a horror movie, maybe?

She can't kill herself because her mother killer herself. Whatever else, she can't bear to do it. Hm. I feel sor- AND HOLY SHIT. J.D.! No! FUCKING HATE YOU, KESSLER! HAAAAAAAATE. YOOOOOOOOOOOU.

J.D.? Please be okay. Whew. My poor boy.

You know, with the frequency that... everyone's apartment gets broken into, you'd think they'd invest in some security.

Another cop killer episode? What, are they taking their cues from Colorado or something?
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