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Poor McGeek! Don’t worry, you’ll get through okay, Tony got through his murder accusation okay.

Gibbs, hah. Let’s piss off the cops, brilliant!

“Before you jump down my throat, you think about what you would have done if that cop had shot McGee when he didn’t have a weapon.”

“Can somebody tell me what’s going on? First Abby’s lab nerd frames DiNozzo for murder, then McGee kills a cop. Did somebody break a mirror?!”

Aw, Tony’s defending McGeek! “We’re talking about a guy who has protocols and checklists for brushing and flossing.” And hooooow would he know that?

Abby’s giving McGeek therapy! HEE!

Haha, that poor lady. In an elevator with Gibbs and an irate director!

”Is that like doppelganger?”
”Get a dictionary!”

“Haha! Open up McGee!”
“Tony, I’m really not in the mood.”
”Let me in!”

Aw. “No you don’t!”

“DiNozzo, I’m warning you, don’t rag on me tonight.”
”I wouldn’t be DiNozzo if I didn’t!”

Tony called McGeek ‘baby’! Aw.

“If you tell anyone that, I will slap you silly. Ooh, you got anything to eat?”

“And you know this how?”
“I’m a spy, remember?”

“No, you’re a junior director.”

“DiNozzo kept me up until three.”

“I think it’s sweet.” Aw.

McGeek is smart!

“Timothy, that’s brilliant!”

Hee, Tony.

“Maybe they need an organ transplant…”

“You won’t share a Krispy Kreme donut! You would give up a kidney?” Hee, Ziva!

“For God’s sake, don’t tell THAT to Metro.”

“I killed a cop arresting a drug lord.” Aw.

“His goose is cooked.”
”You would get that one right.”

MCGEEK! NO! He has to be okay. HAS TO BE!

“No, you don’t want that door closed, director.”

“Because you sure know how to kiss ass, but not how to protect it!”

”Your eyesight’s weak, not your hearing.”

“I let you down.” Gibbs!

“Rule number eight is going to save you!”


“Never date a coworker?”
“No, always carry a knife.”


“You ever Gibbs-slap me again” hee!

“It’s not all about car chases and sex.”
“It wasn’t?”

Aw, poor Tony.

Poor Tony! Poor! Tony!

“What’s going on?”
”Saving your butt, McGee!”

“Partners share extensions in precincts.” I love Tony’s cop knowledge!

“I’m not talking to Navy wannabe cops.” SHADDAP! Jackass boy. Who just punched Gibbs! Yay Gibbs!

“Don’t ever hesitate because you second-guessed yourself again, I’ll take your badge.” Aw. Gibbs was worried for McGeek, you know it!

I also played the NCIS Interactive thing on the CBS website. It was pretty fun, even if I missed some rather 'duh' questions because my attention isn't the best.

Oh, and a something else I found out that makes me HAPPY!:

Cassidy and Mac team up, as Mac works for 'Phoenix Trust Company' (which Cassidy runs). I CAN'T WAIT!!! Everyone else is all excited over the Buffy reunion, but I'm all about the Cassidy/Mac. Hopefully, there shall be good shots of the two of them together so I can ICON!
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