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Best. Veronica Mars. EVER. (Yeah, I realize that's the tenth or so time that's been a subject.)


Sorry. Had to get the INSANE FANGIRL out of my system. But dudes! I've liked them together since, what, the beginning of the season? I RULE!

Vice Principal (Mr.) Van Clemmons is smarter than me. He's so awesome. They need to boot Jackie out of the credits and add Mac, VP Clemmons, and Butters Vincent. I love those people. And Butters Vincent was totally in a Pizza Hut commercial during the show. I wasn't paying too close attention, so I was all "Lalala-OMFG, BUTTERS!"

Amusing tidbit numero uno: the song playing during the homoerotic fight scene between Logan and Weevil? "Walk Idiot Walk" by the Hives. I laughed myself stupid.

We were over at Bonnie's from one to ten this afternoon/evening. It didn't seem so long to me because I took a three hour nap. But we went to Build-A-Bear to get Colin his Christmas present, and then we went to Qdoba for lunch.

Colin got a giraffe that roars (yes, like a lion) and an Avalanche uniform for it. He named it Grassy. He loved Build-a-Bear, ran all over the place with a stroller made for the animals and a little mini-basketball.

I took the opportunity to get my third Build-A-Bear: an orange striped cat (or tiger, as Colin insisted) that I named Ryan. The naming is two-fold: Ryan O'Reily from Oz, of course, and then Ryan Galloway from my original stories. I also got a police officer outfit for him, a pair of sunglasses, a cell phone, Converse sneakers, and one of those baby backpack things.
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