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I love TNT. Liek whoa.

Ducky! On Law & Order! ZOMG! I knew it was him before the camera even swung around! I heard the voice, and I went "Ducky? NCIS doesn't show on TNT!", but sure enough, there he was. And still is. Hee.

Pretty interesting episode. And hee, the lab tech - who looks freakily like Chip - just jumped up on the counter to chat with the detectives. And the rock star guy is kinda hot. Um. I'm going now.


[A suspect claims she has a birth certificate naming the victim as her mother.]
Curtis, gesturing to Briscoe: "Give me fifty bucks, in a half hour I'll have a birth certificate saying he's my mother."

[After they scam the suspect into giving up blood.]
Ross: "Nice. You must have sold bridges in a prior life."
Tags: l&o, ncis, tv

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