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“Love is like malaria.” Aw, J.D., such a romantic.

I knew Woody didn’t actually plant it. I knew it! And I love that he just slapped the kid.

Poor Woody. But at least he’s not so crazy psychotic anymore. This is all in line with what old Woody would have done.

Renee. Bitch. Call Woody a ‘bad cop’ just like that (even if Woody has, on occasion, strayed a little too far into the questionable area).

“Seems a cultural phenomenon was implanted in this man’s head.”

“No, what you do is find bodies on fire to throw gasoline on!”

“Or maybe he’s one of those guys you hear about that shoves stuff up his orifices.”

J.D... buddy, you shou- AAH, BUTTERS! Sorry. It cut to the Pizza Hut commercial with Butters. It scares me a little, since Butters on VM is totally going to grow up to be a serial killer. MY THEORIES! SENSE THEY MAKE! Anyway, I was going to say that my buddy J.D. shouldn’t have written that article.

Like Woody’s never gone after the wrong guy. I can’t believe I’m defending J.D. right after shaking my head at him. Lee, thy name is fickle. Ness.

Dude, that kid’s supposed to be sixteen? Seriously? My age? Damn.

“I’m in the trunk, how the hell should I know?”

Wow. This lady is a new level of crazy. Nigel, don’t do anything stupid.

Bug is such a jealous lover. Lovers’ tiff! Hee. I’m not even a Bug/Nigel shipper, but damn. They are so with each other.

Poor kid. This is so not a feel-good episode. J.D., Woody, and Jesse are all at fault for one reason or another, and I can understand all their sides. I mean, I can’t really understand how Jesse can be stupid enough to think planting evidence would help, or how J.D. can be so... I don’t know what the word I’m looking for is. I just know that I would never be able to trample all over potentially innocent and good people’s names like that. Argh. Good thing I decided a while ago I didn’t want to be a journalist any more.

Hee, a geek named Brian. That’s so perfect. I can’t count how many crazy-ass geeks I know named Brian. At least three, without really thinking about it.

“This isn’t high school Bug!”

“Wow. That’s an amazing story.” Bug gives Nigel THE PERFECT LOOK. Hee.

Hey, flashback-interlaced-with-current-time. I don’t know why I love scenes like this so much.

And why does the bad guy look so familiar? WHY?

Aw, Nigel’s breaking it to her easy and not destroying her delusions. He’s so sweet.

Woody. Shave. Shave now. Before it’s too late and it takes over your face and eats your brain.

“You know, I tried a flyswatter, but it just encouraged them.”

Woody’s sort-of moving on. I say sort-of because you just know this is going to blow up soon.

I like this song. And it fits so well. And J.D., you’re such a loser, typing away on your laptop while in bed. Sigh.

Poor Jesse.


Oh, and the Lisa Rinna thing was in a commercial for a kit for child safety. Still freaked me the fuck out. I mean, between her and the Butters commercial... VM stars in commercials just freak me out. I know how bizarre that is, but it's true. And just them, really.

BTW, whenever I see Wilson (in posts about House, the TV show), I kept help but go "WIIIIIIILSOOOOON!" I cried when Wilson got lost. So did everyone in my psychology class. It was sad. I thought you should know.
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