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'S like, a real entry. Thing. Um. Yeah.

What the fuck, LiveJournal? Sending me comment notifications from three weeks ago NOW? Gee, thanks.

The best thing EVER happened today: Drew, from my school, has been suspended indefinitely. Thank you! Without him hanging around being a total psychotic jackass - and not in the cool Logan Echolls way - Tanner might stop acting like an idiot. And Dom will, hopefully, not do so much stupid stuff without Drew egging him on. Which reminds me. Dom was back on his meds today. I don't think I like his meds. Sure, he wasn't running around all crazy today - he was sleeping.

Yesterday, I went out to the roach coach to get me some eats. I got a thing of tacquitos and a bottle of apple juice, and headed back down the stairs. I slipped. Now, I didn't get too wounded - the only part of me that hit the stairs was the side of right hand, I caught myself before the rest of me hit. But my tacquitos and apple juice went everywhere. Thankfully, the roach coach ladies were nice and gave me another of each.

Shit. It's already the sixth. I need to write my essay for Police Explorers, they're supposed to be doing testing this month. I hope I haven't missed the test date! That would suck SO HARD.

I'm currently drinking a little bottle of Sunny-D. It's so cute. And yummy. And I have to go to the bathroom.
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