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"Which one are you? Blinky? Humpty? Zorro?"

Watching Law & Order:
Me: "That guy, that guy, I know that guy! WHY?"
Mom: "Oh! Oh!"
Me: "Good Morning Miami! Is that it? Is that the guy?"
Mom: "Yes!"
Me: "My mind rules."

Jake Silver has fallen so far. And am I and my mum the only ones who ever watched that show? 'Cause damn, I loved it.

My mom finds an old tape recorder - that uses actual tapes - in a dresser drawer:
Me: "What's that for?"
Mom: "It's a tape recorder."
Me: "I know. I'm not a retard, I just play one on TV!"

And what's that? There was an episode of Veronica Mars on tonight? I must've missed that. ...JUST KIDDING!

Eeew. That cake thing was so gross it was totally high school realistic. I shudder just thinking about it.

Yay, Dick! “And Truman who?” Dick, you’re such a dick, by the way. But I love you!

Haha! “Don’t worry, I do this for all of my boyfriends.”

Pleeeease don’t let it be Leo who stole them! Or Sacks! I would die. DIE. DIIIIIIIE.

“I say it sounds awkward and uncomfortable, but we need those tapes, so how can I say no?” Hee, Keith. I love TWoP shout-outs.

I’m starting to think Teddy Dunn really is a bad actor. Which sucks. Because I’m a devil’s advocate, damn it!

“A... lot?”

“Oh. CRAP. Jury duty?” I want jury duty. No, seriously, I do. Like whoa.

Weird observation of the moment: during the theme song, when it says “Come on now sugar” it shows Logan, and “Bring it on bring it on yeah” has Weevil. It cracks me up every. Single. Time. Without fail.

Dude. South Beach actually looks interesting. The guys are hot and it seems a lot more action-drama than relationship-drama. I may watch. Hm.


“Drive-through, express justice.”

Dead silence. No nominations. Haha. Nominating Veronica so she can learn about the civic system. HIGH-LARIOUS!

Guh. Guh. Guh. Michael Muhney. Guh. GUH. I think I’m dead. GUH! GUH! GUUUUUUUUH GUH. FANSEVICE. I LOOOOOVE FANSERVICE! So. Freaking. HOT. Guh.

Like Veronica shouldn’t have been arrested about five times. The similarities! They kill me ded.

Haha, she just grabbed the jackass’ hat.

Sacks. As White House press secretary. HEE.

“No problem big-shot, I am the one affecting your quarterly earnings.”


“He locks himself out pretty often.”

“Good celebrity porn is scare these days.”

Aw. Poor Leo. “Mind giving my best to your daughter?” “A little. But I’ll do it.” Aw. Keith liked it when Veronica dated Leo.

“Which one are you? Blinky? Humpty? Zorro?”
“Thumper. Like you care.”
“Oh, I caaare. Deeply.”

Fuck me. Lindsay Lohan has done a version of “I Want You to Want Me”. Haaaaate heeeeer.

“Noo, but they request my presence here weekly, so...”

LOGAN! Oh. I thought you were being sneaky, not just lying down.

V’s going to raise her hand. I knew it! I so smrt. It’s nice that she’s not the only one other than the first lady, though.

“Thank the three energy drinks!”

Ew. Game hen carcass. “Backup can handle the dishes.” That’s who handles my dishes, right Sam-o?

“I’m so impressed that you fit a pony into my room!”

“You don’t know what you’re saying, do you?”
“No, but your friend Mac promised me it’s the best.” Aw. Mac took enough time away from creating her shrine to Cassidy to consult on V’s X-mas present.

“Is there anyone in this town that doesn’t know which trial I’m on?”

BUTTERS! Butters has answered my eternal question: they are indeed actors, and not actual Pizza Hut workers.

“It happens. Trust me.”

“So aside from the theory you just yanked out of your – imagination.”

I love the sweet old knitting lady. I do not like the rapidly changing volume levels during commercials.

Is that the Jaws theme? Because BOY IT SOUNDED LIKE IT AT FIRST. Okay, so it isn’t.

Aw, poor Logan. I give you a hug, my buddy. Did he just copy the tape? I believe he did. What the hell is he doing otherwise?

“For that experience, you paid 50 grand.”

“Yeah, I thought I’d tape the Daria marathon.”

At least it’s not UC-Neptune.

Leo! No! NO! DAMN IT!

Tina, 10 years old. Leo lives at home. Tina has Down’s Syndrome. Aw. (And yes, that listing was so I could remember for ficcing purposes. I did claim Leo for fanfic100, y'know.)


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