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Mary Sue Litmus

Well, I was surfing about and happened upon a Mary Sue site. It has an archive of litmus tests, so I took some for my RPG OCs.

Aneirin -- 5. Reasons: odd eye color, odd name (technically an ethic name), werewolf (doesn't factor in too majorly), tragic past (which he could care less about), and "related" to Giles.

Morgan -- 7 and a half. Reasons: character is the same gender as me, her eyes change color from time-to-time, she has a non-British accent, she plays Quidditch and is rather good at it, she "makes more wisecracks and plays more practical jokes than the Weasley twins", she has random hobbies that are undeniably convenient to the plot. And then my half-point. The question was, "Do animals instinctively like the character?"

In Morgan's experience, animals either love her, or try to eat her.

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