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And I shall call this episode: POOR MATTY!

Spoilers for the latest Crossing Jordan.

AW! That little kid was so cute. Almost as cute as my boy Seely – who, by the way, is totally adorable and on form tonight. Ooh! Something to add to my Christmas wish list: Seely in a scene with a kid (and hopefully not be a total idiot with kids like Tony on NCIS).

The guy who plays the dad looks really familiar.

Matt is mm.

Notice how Matt totally watched Jordan’s reaction for a second before watching the video? Aw. I wanna read Matt/Jordan now.

Poor JD. But he should know better than to date within the law enforcement community while being a tabloid reporter.

Haha! Jordan and Matt saying the same exact thing!

FINALLY someone calls her on it! Perfect!

“Not the right time?”
”Not the right person!”
“Well, who should I ask?”

Okay, the home video against domestic violence is... very home video-y.

“Why would you shoot somebody and take their phone?”

“So it’s somebody who watches Forensic Files, this isn’t getting us anywhere.” Haha, I love that!

“Nobody likes him.” Shut your mouth, Bug! Shut it now!

“I am so not doing this.” Passes Jordan the torn up pieces of paper.

God, Jeffrey! You’re such a loser! I love the look that Macy gave him, too.

And he’s not opening his yees, why? GOD. Jeffrey, you are the epitome of geek.

“You can’t even ask a woman out? Drink up.” Pause. “I’m a doctor.”

I hope no one sneezes. That would really screw up their note-piecing-together.

Oh no. Back to Jeffrey’s adventures asking Lily out. And now he’s drunk. Oh boy.

“I wouldn’t use words like ‘what’ and ‘why’ if you’re trying to disguise the use of booze.”

“You had to ask.”

DUN DUN! But of course the both of them would be connected. But of course.

There’s a leak? OH NOES! Who could it beeeee?

“Again with the masks?” Eek!

“Talk about complicated relationships.” Yeah, you out to!

“I think he’s very smoooth.”

Who plays this guy? WHO? He looks so damn familiar.

‘Shtupping’? Matt?

“For which I need a warrant. For which I need more than your hunch that Roger Carruthers is a hound.”

“Jordan, you want to be a cop, take the test.”

Oh, Matt. MARRY ME!

Dude, I want to watch the Book of Daniel. It looks hilarious, especially the Jesus-in-the-car bit – Rescue Me much?

“My Boyfriend’s Back”! I LOVE THIS SONG! *dances*

I hope Seely is pissed that Jordan went investigating.

“I payed seven homeless people to go dumpster diving for me!”
”Whose money did you use?”

Wow. Nigel is standing reallyclose behind Woody. I wonder if anyone’s ever written Nigel/Woody.

Woody is such a loser.

And who? Oh, whew. The evil bastard is dead. Hallelujah.

Okay, that was awesome. Even if I’m not usually a fan of justice over law, you had to like that.

“But Garret? Don’t ever get self-righteous with me again.” You tell him, lawyer person?

The next fifteen minutes should be all Jordan and Seely’s case, since they wrapped the other.

Who lets Jordan use guns these days, anyway?

It sure would be nice if Jordan would CLUE IN THE REST OF US. Argh.

So, what? The sister planted the evidence? Nice one.

Oh. It makes it better, that it was an accident/almost suicide, not a purposeful planting of false evidence.

Thank you, Bug! I love it when you give us the answers. Of course, it would be nice if someone clued Seely in.

JORDAN KISSED BUG! Hee! And Bug was totally grinning.

Awkwardest elevator ride ever! I love how Matt and Jeffrey were totally tag-team talking.

“Uh, Lil-lilly?” POOR MATT!

“Do you like flowers?” HAH! Jeffrey makes me laugh. And Lily had to ask him out! Hee! Still, poor Matt.

Matt was totally smirking at Jordan’s little wave. And well he should!

Jeez, Garret. I don’t like this storyline, not one bit, but I suppose that’s the price we pay for our soap operatic crime drama.

What does JD stand for, anyway?

“Is this where I’m supposed to say ‘limpid pools so deep I could jump into them and drown’?”

Ah, JD has Jordan’s number re: questions.

And he failed the test. Aw. Like we didn’t already know this was DOOMED. Capital D.

I'm totally eating extra crunchy peanut butter. It rules all kinds of socks. And I know that made the kind of sense that isn't.
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