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Ehnsis rocks!

Spoilers for latest NCIS.

Argh, my TV’s all wonky. Damn it.


Ew. Ew.

Gah, stupid television. Wait – I – nope. Still not working right. I even switched the input, and it doesn’t work!

Oh, and the NCIS Interactive thing reset me as a ensign. Damn it. I made it to Lieu before!

And hey, there’s a Numb3rs Interactive too? SWEET! I think I might start shorthanding the show as #s, though, because that’s just awesome.

Oh man. I know what’s about to happen, thanks to that article. Wincity wince, yo.

Tony, Tony, Tony.

And Abby and McGee were totally bet on it.

Oh, Tony. I can’t watch him, poor kid.

Aw, Abby hugged him. Poor boy.

“Gibbs where are you?”
”I’m right behind you.”
“...I hate it when you do that.”

A thirty minute award ceremony? If only all award ceremonies were like that.

Haha, hair snark!

Paris Hilton! HAHA!

Media circus! Oh no. Gibbs is going to do something bad.

Oooh. They messed with Gibbs’ coffee. Baaad idea.

HEE! I love Palmer!

McManus! AAARGH.

Hey, DiNozzo acted like an adult. It’s kinda scary.

BWAH! Ask McGeek, good idea.

Is that one model’s name Lee? Eek.

“We’re supermodels, honey. We don’t have to get along.”

It’s a half hour show? Okay then.


“It’s called a business card. Maybe you can have one of the Marines read it for you?”

A small water buffalo?

“I tire of saying a small horse.”

Haha. Gibbs is NOT a good PR rep.

I hate the top the director’s wearing.

Heh. Heheh.

“You’re going to apologize?”
“No, ask her to dinner.”

Poor Tony!

“Actually, that was your refridgerator, Probie?”

Cagney & Lacey! Nice try, little ‘ozzo’.

“Bingo Boss!”

Crawley? Like Crowley? Sounds like his work!

“My dad cut me off when I was twelve.” Twelve? That blows my estimate of eighteen out of the water!

“That is SO not funny!”
“It isn’t?”
“It was. To me.”

Bill Nye! Gibbs doesn’t know Bill Nye? Generation gaps amuse me.

“I think we’re looking at death-by-Clown-Cake.”

Hey, I’m a lieu again! Sweet!

Wow, this one model is a total bitca.

Ziva’s drinking an Icee! Yum. I want one now.

Heh. He called Tony ‘sir’.

I like Ziva’s little language screw ups. And the show’s still running even though one of the people is dead? I knew TV was screwy.

Tony’s the voice of reason? That ain’t good. And he’s acting like an adult again! Weird.

Tony, Tony, Tony, quit flirting.

Damn it. I just screwed up a question on how long Marine boot camp is. If they had asked me which camp that the girl Marines go to, I coulda answered right.

He ded. He ded from DRUGS!

...sorry. I just had a moron moment. I’ll get better.

You know, a lot of shows have bits of the actors in the characters, but I swear NCIS goes overboard in that aspect. Overboard in a good way, of course.

Aaand we’re back!

Drug overdoses are icky. DON’T DO DRUGS OMG!

Heroin and PCP. The hard stuff.

God, if they do another flashback, I’m shooting someone.

I love elevator!Tony. He rocks in elevators!

Tony got scared by flowers! Hee!

“Almost? You actually did send me to prison.”

“Billy Bob had, um, intimacy issues.”

I’m Lieu Commander! Sweet!

Poor Palmer! And poor me, my TV went wonky again. Damn.

It’s either the dad or the staff sarge whodunit.

Ziva, laughing at the models. Hee.

McGeek, poor guy. “He pretends to be a fairy in an online game.” “It’s an elflord!”

“Are you waiting for me to guess? Elflord?” I mimic Tony’s laughter.

Tony, she got you pegged! “Womanizers whose lives revolve around their car.” Perfect.

Dude. On NCIS Inter, one of the options for ‘who do you think killed Noah’? Is ‘Taylor’s ghost’. MWAHA!

Damn. The. Flashbacks. TO HELL. At least it wasn’t bedsheets this time.

Ziva all up in Gibbs’ face. That makes me grin. She’s so impudent. (...I love that word.)

I also love how this show, brand new clarification software and all, still doesn’t give picture-perfect security tape footage. Hell, I might have been able to come up with similar results via Photoshop – not the zoom, but the clarifying – and WHAT?

There’s also a CSI Interactive. WHY DOES NO ONE TELL ME THESE THINGS? Damn it.

My TV’s still wonky, but I can see what’s going on, which is good enough. And WHOA. We’re only three quarters done, and I have four pages of reactions. Hot damn. Also, all this wonderous backstory (not so much with Gibbs and the director, ‘cause I hate that, but Tony! Abby! McGeek! YAY!). Of course, after this episode we go into a nice looooong drought. I might just write me some Tony fics this time around. If I get bored enough.


Tony’s drinking Sprite! I love Sprite. Sprite is nummy.

Hee, Tony jumped like a little girl!

Aw, poor Tony. Gibbs screws with him on purpose.

Gibbs’ smirk says yes, he knows.

AHA! A Marine with chewing tobacco! It’s my daddy! Only not quite, but still.

Aw, poor staff sarge.

Tony, you’re going to piss off Gibbs! Hee!

“Guys like George Clooney, guys with George Clooney’s back account, or, um, George Clooney.”

Tony, leave that poor tech ALONE!

Oh. According to NCIS Inter, it’s McMannis, not McManus. Still. Creeps me OUT!

Hey, I’m a commander now! WHOOHOO!

“No. I think we will charge you with murder instead.”

“Falling into a woodchipper, falling into lava, and being eaten by a shark.”

“On and off for the last twenty-five years.”

“Not if you’re a seal.”

I love McGeek/Abby talks.

It was the father! I knew it! It must be!

Tony’s good at ducking, at least. That’s good.

I feel sorry for poor McManus (I’m too lazy to type it right).

Okay, question. They’re still at the base, how could they have killed Keller? MAKEY NO SENSEY!

Beat up her assistant with a cellphone? Hee!

Drove an SUV through the front of the Limelight? HEE!

I love the crazy model stories.

“Ziva, no, no no no…”

”You really find her attractive?”
“OOOH yeah.”
“Well, I want to kill her.”

“Exactly. It’s a matter of you having the wrong opinion.” Tony’s me! AARGH!

“She cut her hair?”

Aw. He has a little lockbox full of the awards. That’s so sweet.

Damn it. My final report card for NCIS Inter NEVER shows up. This annoys me.

(BTW, 'Love Monkey'? They seriously created a show called 'Love Monkey' starring that dude from Ed?)

Now, Whose Line!

Wildfire commercial: "WHERE IS HE?!"
Me: "He ded, foo'!"
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