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Pick out your 20-25 favorite songs. Pick out a line from each (try not to use the chorus or title of the song). List them and see if people on your friends list can guess them. Once one is guessed correctly, strike it out.

1. I got a feelin it don't come cheap
I got a feelin oh and then it got to me
It took its time a-working into my soul
I got to believe it come from rock and roll
Believe it come from rock and roll

2. He makes love to the duke
He swordfights the queen
He steals the whole show in his last dying scene

3. Bringing about the apocalypse
Is not considered
Considered cool
Still you go setting it up
But never give it a thought
Just go setting it up

4. Remember the weight of the world
It's a sound that we used to buy
On cassette and 45
And now this little girl
She says will we make it at all

5. Slain by the words I lack
My world is bursting sappy music and
With the face so sad I long to make you mine

6. This bitter drink
Has made you drunk
The thoughts you think
Become unthunk

7. All the lazy days are gone
Still the grind is grinding on
Throw the memories in a drawer
Lock myself behind a door

8. Bulletproof glass in the KFC to
Keep the man safe in his paper hat
Keep the wrong hands off the biscuit fortune

9. Smirk on the face and fists in the clenches and
Make the radiator blow now
Crack the planks and shatter the lenses and
Mix the salt, the sugar and flour

10. Can we ever solve these problems in our changing world?
Will our children ever get to play out in the yard?

11. No brakes but you know we got a radio
You gotta move when we're rockin' on your stereo

12. The city's been leveled
The hills are in flames
The streets are cracked open
And they're pushin up clay

13. Pride or shame, it's all the same.
Who's innocent or who's to blame?
Politics or just a game?
Well, in the end they knew his name.

14. Have you ever been close to tragedy? Or been close to folks who have?
Have you ever felt the pain so powerful, so heavy you collapse?

15. Alone he took the fall.
His friends all testified, they weren't there at all.
He cried like a baby when his sentenced was passed.
For himself and not the victim, but this victim was his last.

16. House after house, just like car after car
You see club after club and it all seems so far

17. It's at the point of breaking down,
Cause there's nothing left to say.
I think you waste your sweetness.
I think the whole thing blew away.

18. I miss my baby and I feel so sad
I guess my race is run

19. Hiding low looking right to left
If you see us coming I think it’s best
To move away do you hear what I say
From under my breath

20. So you left the home you never had
On your own how could things get so bad?
And you hitched a ride to the unknown
Forgot your address and your mobile phone
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