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Spoilers for "Scorched" (latest #s ep)

Ah, the classic arson-on-tape. Always a good way to start the day! And this song is awesome, too.

Geeeeeeek alert! LAFD guy is hot though (hee, pun!).

Colby smrt!

Colorado shout-out! CO RULES!

Larry is awesome. Totally awesome.

“Ecological, not pathological.”

Larry should consult for the FBI, not Charlie. Charlie can develop computer programs for ‘em instead.

I love Colby’s slow look over.

“Do me a favor and check your calender.”

Damn, if cute LAFD is the bad guy, I will cry. HE’S CUTE!

“It must have fallen off of the bulletin board and gotten stuck to the bottom of my shoe.”

Colby’s sooooo cool.

Nice music! And Colby’s drinking coffee. Sigh.

“Why don’t we try and break just one law a day.”

Hee, Colby totally tricked the roommate.


“Yeah, well, I used to know everything too.”

“That’s a pretty limited sample.” The look on cute LAFD guy’s face, oy.

Gawd. Gawd. Jeez. Charlie’s geek whisperer routine is grating.


God, I hope Bob’s watching. He’ll love it.

“Where’d you get a cigarette?”
“I know a guy.”

I love how Charlie’s acting like he’s never put on safety glasses before and Larry’s all ‘ooh, fire’.

No boom? GYP!

So. Cute. He’s so cute. Colby/LAFD guy 4eva! Sorry, I like teh pretty.

God, overdramatic much Megan?

Dang they’re slow. I caught that it was the roommate the second they said the whatever-encoding.

15 dimensions? That’s possible? Whoa.

LAFD did the crazy fire. Maybe? I hope not.

“Leopold and who?” Ah, Colby, my reaction exactly. And I read soooo many true crime books it’s ridiculous. For instance:

Me: “Oh, come on! Ethan would have been what? Fifteen at the oldest when the deadly fires started? That’s not poss- actually, that fits the profile. Most arsonists are white males in their teens. WHY DO I KNOW THIS?!”

Okay, hopefully that scene right there means LAFD guy didn’t do it.

Haha, Colby called Ethan stupid! Hee! Right after Ethan bragged about his IQ! That’s brilliance.

LONDON’S BURNING! NANANA! Sorry. I had a Clash moment.

“You know… I’m not even going to ask.”

Noooo… it IS the LAFD guy! SAD.


Aw, Don.

Aw, I liked Megan right then.

Aaand we’re back to the videotaped arson. Ah, sweet memories.

Mm. Colby is dang hot in Kevlar.

Hee! …that looked kinda naughty. Heh.

Oh, and I took a sample police officer exam from a book, and totally got 46/50 correct. That's right. A sixteen year old just got 92% without studying. I can SO be a cop. What now, huh, what now?!?!
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