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Wanted rocks.

Spoilers for the latest Wanted.

Is that Gloria from Oz? Is this show Oz’s new dumping ground?

Bradford Winters wrote this! That’s Dean Winters’ youngest brother! That explains Gloria.

At least he didn’t use his mentally retarded brother to kill her husband, right? Heh.

HEE! Busted!


“See, there’s the dickhead I know and love.”

I love it when Jimmy talks religion. He actually sounds like he knows what he’s talking about. And Connie’s “…how’d we start talking about this again?” and Jimmy’s instant “Pretatario.” With no pause.

Well, that’s an awkward transition. Explosion and sadness, straight to – happy Christmas commercial!

Haha! Rodney! Babysitting!

“They’re neither of yours, they’re ours! Dang…”

“You’re kind of scary looking.”
“I get that a lot.”
“Wanna play tag? You’re it!”
“Child protective services, where are you?”

Hah! I love the sign on Vincent’s fence. “Ask not what you can do for your country; ask what your country can do for disabled veterans of foreign imperialistic wars.”

“This your new boyfriend, McGloin?” Hoyay!

“Where men don’t have boyfriends, they have bitches.” Snort. Connie’s a jackass.

“You broke the Eleventh Commandment Vince, you pissed me off.”

Motion sensory, yippee! Weird version of Christmas lights, though.

“Rodney, you bring your toys?”
“I got a thermal imager and a Gameboy.”

Yay Jimmy! Way to get not blown up.

Why are Jimmy and Rodney the only ones who warrant being called by their first names? Oh, duh. Probably because they have the hard-to-pronounce names.

Haha, a rat freaked out Connie! Connie’s a jackass.

“Holy. Shit.” And Rodney’s all ‘aw, lookee at the cute rats!’

“Anyone have any idea what this place used to be?”
”A textiles factory?”
“The sign at the front that said ‘textiles’ in letters ten feet tall?”

“This thing’s like wearing five bras and a dinnerplate all at once.”

Eddie stops for a potty break! “Something about gunfire speeds up my metabolism.”

I love the giant red sign POINTING to Pretatorio. That’s some hilarious shit.

Oh shit. If he blows up Eddie and Jimmy, I’ll freak. EDDIE!

Tommy, shut your damn mouth. Jimmy getting killed wouldn’t have helped Eddie at all.

Heh, Eddie pisses off everyone! Including people holding him hostage.

“I said no voodoo, cut that Bible shit out.”

“Now who sounds like a preacher?”

“Blow me, you SON OF A BITCH.” Haha, nice Beecher channeling!

Could have done without the dramatice “IREEEEEENE” shout.

Oh, NOW he calls Rodney by his last name.

Aw, poor Jimmy. And poor Eddie. Poor everybody. Including me, if Eddie dies.

“What? This ain’t hell?”
”No, this is San Pedro.”

“No, listen man, I feel like shit.” Eddie punches him.
“Feel better?”
”Yeah.” Both grin.

Aw. That was sweet.

I'm watching a rerun of Crossing Jordan now, the first episode that Ivan Sergei was in. He's kind of hot. Mm. Too bad Hawaii got cancelled. DAMN LOST. (For those who are new here, yes. I can hold a grudge for a year and a half.)
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