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Diseases, Crime, and Cable. Yeah, you read right, punks!

I love this version of the typical horror movie cliche - them being picked off one by one by an unknown disease instead of an unknown monster/serial killer while a storm rages out of control and cuts them off from the rest of civilization. It makes me think: would I rather be at risk from a monster/person I could go after and kill, or at risk from a disease I never see coming? Oddly enough, I'm going to have to go with disease, not monster/serial killer. Maybe it's because I'm pretty much always sick, and even if I can't really fight back against it, I know it's not lurking in the shadows ready to grab me.

Speaking of diseases, I think I caught Carmen's cold. Or possibly Katie's. Or any of the ENTIRE SCHOOL that was either sick or carrying it dormantly. And why is it that whenever I've got a hacking cough, I watch a TV episode where someone catches a deadly disease and is hacking up their lungs? I mean, first it was viral bronchitis during the first airing of "SWAK", when Tony got the goddamn plague, and now I watch an episode of CJ where people are dying from a virulent version of Ecoli. WTF mate? Anyway, I stayed home sick today, and will not be going to school tomorrow no matter how good I feel. I learned my lesson from the viral bronchitis - even if I feel 100%, if I go out and strain myself, it will come back and stay twice as long. So no Christmas party for Lee.

Dude. The lady who's facing child abuse charges after her son got attacked by their pitbulls? Got shot. I fucking love Aurora. Speaking of, earlier today, 9News was all "The FBI crime reports are out, and one Metro area city has seen a significant jump in crime". I went all "It's Aurora. It's got to be Aurora. Sure, enough, I was right! This January-June, compared to last Jan-June?
Robbery up 21%
Aggravated assault up 13%
Car theft up 21%
And murder is up 200% (15 this year compared to 5 last year.)

By the by, I am cable's bitch. I've been watching TNT since an hour after I woke up this afternoon, until now - when I switched over to E! to watch the Soup. I will then switch back to TNT to watch X-Files until five in the morning. Because I'm cool like that. And also hungry.
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