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Explorer update.

Got a letter today about my Explorer application, and my mom said the guy in charge called her yesterday and asked questions about me (you know, 'does she have a problem with lying', 'does she abuse drugs/alcohol/smoke', 'what are her good points and bad points', etc). I'm scheduled for my written test and oral interview on January 5th at 6PM. Supposed to dress business casual, and will be graded on how I dress. Well, okay then.

The written's not going to be an issue, methinks (I doubt it'll be harder than the sample LEO exam I took from that book). But I'm worried about the interview. Not because I don't think I'm fit for the job, but because the word 'interview' makes me paranoid. I totally should have paid attention in some of those classes at NSLC. Damn. Okay, so mostly I'm worried about how many people there's going to be. One, I can handle easy. Two, sure, why not? Three even! But four or more people and I'll have to concentrate to keep from panicking. Should all go well, Post Academy is Jan-April, every Saturday (all day Saturday, too!). Meaning I'll be missing more than half of my rugby games, but whatever. They'll have to find a back-up prop for once.

In other news not relating to my future, my mom got me a pair of USMC sweatpants. They are hella comfy. I'll probably wear them the rest of the weekend 'cause I'm COOL LIKE THAT.

And I'm totally watching an episode of CSI New York where Sidney from Pretender guests as a doctor. I was all "Lalala... Hm. British accent, looks familiar, but it can't be Magneto, that makes no sens- SIDNEY! IT'S SIDNEY! ZOMG!"
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