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Geek points for me! Aka, Lee reviews CSINY.

I know Kat's always blathering on about scene points. Do I get any geek points for staying up on Christmas Eve... reading CSI: New York fanfiction? Huh? Because if I ain't getting geek points for that, ain't nobody getting geek points from nothin' 'round these parts.

Blame the multiple apostraphes on the fact that I'm thinking with a New York accent. Yeah I can do that. I had a Boston accent when I was two, and I've never been to Boston! I can do anything, man. Anything. And anyway, you guys all read how I type after watching Oz. Street slang and curses everywhere. Why can't I think New York?

Anyway. CSI: New York has become somewhat of a phenomena with me. How so? Because I love every single damn character, even Aiden, who I thought I'd hate. (I'm still not getting the Danny/Aiden shippers, though. They are totally like siblings. And Mac and Stella are totally the parents.) And Mac's totally awesome. I mean, he's actually a supervisor. Unlike Grissom who, much as I love the guy, is the least competent manager in the history of forever (and no, I did NOT almost type 'foreva' there, damn it).

Stella is completely kick-ass, too. She manages to take scenes that, had Catherine and/or Sara done them, would have made me roll my eyes in annoyance, and instead makes me grin (her angry scenes, mostly, like the one in that one episode that had David DeLuise or in Officer Blue). Mac/Stella is probably my number one passive ship right now. (Note: passive ship means I like the characters together, but am not in complete and total love with the characters, so while I'd bat for their side in ship debates, I'm not actively seeking fanfiction about that ship. Ron/Hermione from HP was my former number one passive ship.)

Aiden? Awesome. I thought she'd a bitchy... well, bitch, but she isn't. Not really. And when she is? Damn if they didn't deserve it. A character I not only love to watch, but one I'd probably be friends with in the real world too.

Doctor Sheldon Hawkes. As I've mentioned before, he is hot. Probably my favorite part about the circus episode was when he hopped up on the autopsy table. I love the character and the actor, the morgue humor was perfectly handled. His eyes have this weird glow sometimes that's just plain cool, and he's just brilliant.

And speaking about weird eyes brings me to my two faves, Detective Don Flack and Danny Messer. Flack, of course, has the bluest blue eyes you will ever see - they're crazy. Danny has a constant intense expression which makes me glad I never got interrogated by him. He'd stare at me and next thing you know, I'd be confessing to shooting JFK, fer chrissake! Anyway, Don and Danny are just perfect for me, as far as characters go. I mean, you've got brilliant actors who are also undeniably good looking, then you've got both of them with a good chunk of the humorous lines, and finally you've got the fact that, humor aside, they were both given storylines that showed off their squishy underbellies (Flack with Moran storyline, Danny with the shooting - or even the Tanglewood thing).

And how awesome is it that Michael DeLuise is one of the few characters to give us valuable Danny background? I mean, come on! And Sucre being involved in a case that got us another background piece? I love this show, and how it seems to tie together every single actor I know (there was also an actor from Veronica Mars - in the David DeLuise episode - and a couple of other guys that hit my radar - and no, not the gaydar, although there were some of them too).

The minor characters are also brilliant. Doctor Giles, Jane, and Chad? All cool, although I'm not going to say how they rate against Vegas' stable of techs, because that's just mean, and Hodges, Bobby, Jacqui and the rest will always hold a special place in my heart. And Chad keeps making me think of Giovanni Ribisi, which is distracting (and endearing, but still).

If we're going to draw parallels of the characters, it'd probably come up like this:
Mac - Grissom
Stella - Catherine
Aiden - Sara
Danny - Warrick
Flack - Nick (or Brass, but he seems more Nick than anything)
Hawkes - Doc Robbins
Although Danny's mysterious background might parallel Sara's, making Aiden Warrick. Which makes a little more sense. And I hate to say it folks, but I'm siding with New York on every single case, except possibly Flack/Nick/Brass'. And Flack's got two of my faves working against him for the vote to sway.

In conclusion: heck of a show. I'm glad I've only missed eleven (technically, ten, since I saw Grand Murder at Central Station before I even watched season one) episodes. CSI: Denver would still be awesome, though.
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