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Time for the official 'what I got' post!

- $25 Barnes and Noble giftcard
- hand-made scarf from Grandma Margie (very soft!)
- Mal (from Serenity) action figure
- mini Swiss Army knife with 512MB flash drive built in
- two trivia/logic puzzle books
- American history trivia game
- dry erase board that hooks onto a car visor
- buzztime trivia game
- light decoration (has these tubes with flourescent light, so I can have my own rave)
- Marine Corps devil dog necklace
- CIA/FBI cup with built in straw
- Timex watch
- lots of chocolate
- two Stewie Griffin pens
- 3 Ninjas movie three-pack!!!!!!!

And the big stuff!
- picture taking binoculars
- punching bag!!!!

My faves are bolded, obviously. Though it's kinda sad that even my parents realize how geeky I am (the trivia games/books, and the Mal figure, and 3 Ninjas, and the Swiss Army knife/flash drive).

Also, according to the Internet, my X-Files season one and Homicide: Life on the Streets seasons 1 and 2 should come tomorrow in the mail. I've also downloaded three episodes of CSI:NY season two that I'm about to watch right now. Yesterday was good to me.
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