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No pain, no... pain? Wait, how does that saying go again?

Well, that was one of my more stupid moves.

What happened? I got tired of just admiring my new punching bag and gloves. And then I got to thinking - why did it come with gloves? Are gloves really necessary? ...those of you who know me know where this is going.

That's right. I decided to go to work on the punching bag bare-fisted. STUPID IDEA. I don't care if it looked cool in that 21 Jump Street episode about suicide. IT HURTS. BAD. And the headache I had from staying up all night watch VH1 (shut up) didn't help any. So I dry-swallowed three Advil, and I'm feeling peachy keen now. I also went back and beat the crap out of the punching bag with gloves on this time. Oh yes. Great fun. Although I still feel like I may have broken a finger or two. Psh. Who needs fingers anyway, right?

..ow. I probably won't be able to type tomorrow. Oh well. I've got DVDs. I've been meaning to watch me some Highlander lately. And my X-Files and Homicide DVDs ought to arrive tomorrow (yeah, they didn't come yesterday)!

I'm going to use my Hawkes and teddy bear icon, because looking at it makes me feel better. So cute!
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