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06! 06! 06!

HAPPY 2006!

2005 was fun (deadly illnesses and the like notwithstanding), but I'm even more hopeful for 2006!

The year opened with me and my mom throwing 'funfetti' all over the place (pieces of confetti jammed into a tube that are released when you bring the tube from a 3 o' clock position to a 12 o'clock position real fast. We drank apple cider, tossed out one side of the tubes all over the living room, and then turned them around. My mom was messing around and I turned to her to say something and brought my arm holding the tube down - not meaning to let loose the funfetti, but to get it into postition to loose it - and you guessed it, it flew right at her and caught her in the corner of her eye. Awesome! (She's okay, so I don't feel bad about saying that.)

Here's to a happy new year, y'all!

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