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In Justice! RULES!

Dudes. InJustice (In Justice? inJustice? I have no idea) is awesome. I thought I'd like the character played by the former rugby player (okay, for once I was too caught up in the actual case to catch the names of any of the characters, which is actually good) - wait, I think the last name is Conti? Because of the church-annulment scenes? Maybe? Oh, I'll look it up eventually.

The best part of the show, besides me being caught up in the case (and being ridiculously proud of myself when I called that the secretary had the dead guy's lovechild)? I love all of the characters. My favorites are the boss and the one played by the former rugby player, but I also love Bubba (hey, I did catch a name! Snerk) and the girls, and Rugby's ex-wife. I love 'em all! ALL!

And the opening sequence (evidentally, ten-second credits are the cool new thing, since both Close to Home and Supernatural have the same thing - in Supernatural's case, it would just be stupid to have real credits with two characters)? Aw. One of the letters looked like it said "Please help my daddy" in a child's handwriting, and I think I'm going to completely lose it on Friday when there's a case with a kid. But I kind of respect the show even more for not starting off with a kid-case. That would have been the easy button to push, but instead they go with a case where the only child involved hasn't been a child for ten years, and you don't feel for her at all.

Another plus: if I was translating the commercial at the end right (stupid always talking in Eastern timezones), there's nothing else in this timeslot to watch on Fridays. This is on the hour before Numb3rs, right? If it's at the same time as Numb3rs, well... I may need another VCR.

(Now, an icon for my new show. And maybe I'll go try and write a fic for it. And by this, I mean it will be a few weeks before I make an icon, and a year or more before I write a fic if I ever do. I love being a procrastinator. I'm creating a new tag for this, though! ij works.)
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