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Can't... keep... eyes... open.

So tired. Must sleep.


...heh. Rob Morrow on Craig Ferguson. You know I'm tired, because I find that HILARIOUS.

Finally read the second CHERUB book (for more info, visit www.cherubcampus.com), and am totally disappointed that I have to wait a whole month before Maximum Security is released over here. Of course, I can always read the first two chapters on the website. After, of course, I read the twenty page Christmas story that takes place between The Dealer/Class A (the latter is the UK title, the former is the US title; drugs over here are classified as schedules, not classes, so 'Class A' would make no sense) and Max Security.

Eh. I'm too tired to read. Hey, there are four CHERUB fics on FFN. I'm a little paranoid now, because over ninety percent of things on FFN are crap. What's the odds that all four of the CHERUB fics are crap, too?

Oh, one more thing - MY POLICE EXPLORERS INTERVIEW IS TOMORROW!!!!!! Okay, panic over. But seriously, 6PM tomorrow, after my written test (not so much worried about that). Argh.
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