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*insane giggles*

Just had to post this, and thank the Buffyverse Dialogue Database (http://vrya.net/bdb/).


Lindsey has been called:
Napoleon -- (by Lilah in Episode: Blood Money)
a poor kid who had to do better than anyone else -- (by Holland in Episode: Blind Date)
best and their brightest -- (by Angel in Episode: Dead End)
born-again boy -- (by Cordelia in Episode: Blind Date)
born-again lawyer-boy -- (by Cordelia in Episode: To Shanshu in L.A.)
fun for a human -- (by Darla in Episode: Dear Boy)
guy who understands the big picture -- (by Holland in Episode: Untouched)
handi-capable -- (by Lilah in Episode: Judgement)
pilgrim -- (by Lorne in Episode: Dead End)
the evil lawyer-beast -- (by Angel in Episode: Through The Looking Glass)

Lindsey called Angel:
a barrel of dead monkeys -- (by Lindsey in Episode: Dead End)
a mentally unstable vampire -- (by Lindsey in Episode: Blood Money)
a new player in town -- (by Lindsey in Episode: City Of)
champion of justice -- (by Lindsey in Episode: Reunion)
Mr. Save A Soul -- (by Lindsey in Episode: Dead End)

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