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#s and In Justice!

Awesome Numb3rs episode. And yes, I totally did a weird ass squee when Don was all "Oh, I sent David home. Colby's with him."

Come ON folks! The hoyay! Okay? Okay.

In the realm of relationships that might actually happen on the show, Colby and the brunette AUSA (to be distinguished from Easy DA, who is blonde) definitely had possibilities. I wouldn't mind seeing that on Numb3rs (if I can't get Colby/Charlie, Colby/Don, or Colby/David, that is).

Pegged what it is about Diane Farr that bugs me: her perma-smirk. Looks good on Wentworth Miller, especially since he's playing a smartass, but on Diane Farr, who is playing an FBI agent? No. Learn a new facial expression, damn it!

Loved the episode overall, though!

In Justice was pretty cool too. Slightly weird to watch the first episode after the second, though.

I'm so tempted to watch Dark Angel or Oz right now. Damn it. I don't WANT to watch them, because then I'll want to read fic about them, and I've read most Oz fics I want to, and Dark Angel fics are about 150% crap. Maybe I should watch some Dark Angel and then write some Logan/Alec fics. Since there's less of those than, oh, ANYTHING ELSE. (And come on. They're so pretty.)

And now, my Colby icon where a guy is totally smacking his head on Colby's shoulder! WHOO!
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