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What I did yesterday, and will do today.

Me and the 'rents are going out to dinner with Bonnie, Craig, Colin, and Anna tonight, then back to their house to open Christmas presents to each other. I got Colin a bucket full of animals (a rhino, a hippo, a rabbit, some horses, a camel, a penguin, a lamb*, some others). He's going to love them.

Me and my mom went over to Bonnie's yesterday just to hang out for a little while, and Colin showed us all of the animals he already has and got for Christmas (this boy loves animals like I loved trucks and jets as a child). It's so cool, because he's only two and a half and knows 'rhinosaurus' and 'hippopotamus', and he showed us this one bird toy thing. And when I asked what it was, his response? "Buzzard." Seriously. A two and a half year old knows what a buzzard is. Crazy, crazy world. (When he woke up from his nap and I went up to get him, he hid in a corner behind a chair and laughed at me for a while, too.)

Anyway, afterwards me and mom went to see the Producers, which was freakin' hilarious. And the previews before it also looked awesome (except M. Night Shymalan's bedtime story, or what-the-hell-ever it is). The two I want to see the most are American Dreamz and Thank You For Smoking. Both look awesome.

* I also got one for myself. Veronica Mars fans (and MM fans more specifically) know why I got a little plastic lamb.
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